Talisa Soto's 50th birthday, join our video tribute

Dear Mortal Kombat fans.
Our beloved Kitana of the Mortal Kombat Movie Talisa Soto turns 50 this Monday March 27th 2017. We're going to make a video tribute for Talisa and send it to her. The video tribute will include our birthday wishes and a montage of Talisa's scenes from all her movies.
Join us.
Send me videos/pictures of you wishing Talisa something for her birthday.
Deadline: Saturday March 25th 2017.
I hope for some of you Talisa means as much as she does for me.
Looking forward to your messages.
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Analysis of the many characters who have wanted Kitana's affection

Kitana, Princess of Outworld, A favourite of many. 10.000 years old. That's a long time even to imagine for many of us, even for the ones who are a little older. The things she may have seen, the lives she has lived....There have been many men surrounding Kitana before Liu Kang, many stories that could yet be written or shown.

Kitana was born in Edenia around 10.000 years ago, as Edenia was still free. She is shown in various semi-canon media such as the animated series or the Legacy series ranging from infant to teenager by the time Edenia had lost 10 MK Tournaments and was invaded. In the John Tobias approved but also semi-canon comic Kitana&Mileena, she was even a young lady, capable warrior, by the time Shao Kahn finally won the War. In the Shaolin Monks game, which is semi-canon or even canon, she remembers her first years, but is kept under a mindspell by Shao Kahn so that she keeps thinking he's her real father.

King Jerrod and kitana.jpg

Shao Kahn was one of those who truly wanted Kitana's affection. His daughter by marriage, though not blood related, he cared for her in his own way and wanted her to worship and obbey him. Whether his feelings for Kitana are romantic or paternal is a guess, but considering that they are unrelated, he must have seen Sindel in Kitana and had a certain love and romantic affection for her.

shao kahn kitana.jpg

The religion in Old Edenia was the worship of Protector God Argus and the Elder Gods. In the MK vs DC game, Kitana renamed Shang Tsung's island the Argus Island and created the most important Edenian taskforce there. Even though that game is non-canon to the main events in the series, the background information is. It is therefore proof that Kitana was deeply religious and worshiped the Elder Gods and Argus. Around the time Edenia lost the 10th Tournament, Argus and Delia were discussing their plans against Shao Kahn's invasion at their balcony in the MK Armageddon story intro scene. Taven also talks about how his family had managed to protect Edenia from Shao Kahn's invasion up until that point during konquest mode. It is very likely that in order to unite the House of Argus with the Royal family of Edenia, King Jerrod's family, Kitana was intended to marry either Taven or Daegon in the near future. There is a precedent in a God marrying a human in Argus with his wife, Delia. However, that never came into fruition, as Taven was left asleep for the next 10 thousand years and Daegon became a traitor to his kind after killing his father and mother with the Godslaying weapons.

Another character who was interested in Kitana's affections is Rain. He too was raised during the Edenia-Outworld War after being orphaned by one of Shao Kahn's raids. In the MK3 ending of Rain, he is told the truth of his ancestry by Kitana. This also is proof that Kitana was not an infant, as the Legacy series incorrectly showed, as she had access to information she could have known only if she was old enough by the time Shao Kahn's invasion ended (probably lasted some years). Although it does not directly imply a romantic bond between Rain and Kitana, the fact that they are close and that she is the one to draw him into the fight against the Emperor suggests it. In the MK Conquest tv series and the animated series this is obvious, as Rain is portrayed as a competitor for Kitana's heart. Being an intelligent schemer who desires to take over Outworld or Edenia, Rain must have contemplated the possibility of a marriage to Kitana these last 10.000 years. It would be a political advantage for him in his ascension to power. However, if Kitana has considered this as well is unknown.

In the MK Conquest series set 500 years ago, Kitana and the Great Kung Lao share mutual respect for each other, which turns into admiration and affection. Though by the end of the series she is captured and assumed murdered by Shao Kahn's shadow priests (though never shown on camera), she could have only been brainwashed into serving the Emperor again. No in-game reference has been made to Kitana and the Great Kung Lao, but 500 years is a long time not to be romantically involved with anyone.

And this brings us to the present. Liu Kang is the last of the important male characters desiring Kitana's affections. Although the age difference is great, Liu Kang is an adult, an honorable fighter and a good man, managing to win Kitana's love. In death however, their twisted selves appear to share power, but whether or not they still have feelings for each other is unknown and even unlikely for revenants. Kitana opting to support Earthrealm in the conflict with Outworld and not doing her tasks properly infuriated Shao Kahn, but if we look at it from the perspective of a man who had been brainwashing Kitana for thousands of years only for her to rebel again every time and now sensing he's losing her for a puny mortal like Liu Kang, would be grounds for jealousy and would make his character more tragic, if not actually relatable.

Well, there you have my analysis. I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me. I'd really like to see Kitana's past in Edenia explored more, her interactions with Taven/Daegon, Jade, Rain and Tanya from that time and the Edenian Resistance fight against Shao Kahn's invasion from when they were teenagers. I think they could base an entire anime series/ tv series. Game around that period, there would be many more characters around: King Jerrod, Queen Sindel, Argus, Delia, Shao Kahn, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Raiden, Fujin, Reiko, Drahmin (as a human warlord), Ashrah, Havik or Hotaru (potentially that old) etc.
If anyone's interested, I made a Guile's Theme Goes With Everything video involving Kitana. Just be sure you played Story Mode first.


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