Kenshi Thread - "Seeing Without Sight"


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Hey everyone! So before we are finally able to fully unravel and read Kenshi as a viable main on July 5th, I'd like to go ahead and update this post with some pre-release knowledge that we have garnered


-Kenshi's first shown Special Attack seems to be an upward launching slash. This is *speculation*, as the the upward slash could also be a combo-ender. It is also worth noting that the slash seems to be done via a telekinetic manifestation of both him and his sword.

-The second Special Attack we can see involves Kenshi sending out a telekinetically-manifested apparition of himself which then performs a combo of sorts. The Enhanced Version's combo seems to be longer, more damaging, pushes the enemy farther away, and knocks the opponent down.

-Next in the video, we are treated to Kenshi's Win Pose, which involves him using telekinesis to revolve his sword in a circle once, then stick the sword into the ground. A cyan aura surrounds all of Kenshi's telekinetic abilities.

-In the following sequence of the clip, Kenshi is seen battling Shang Tsung. We get a chance to see a new Special Attack, however in a different sense. We only see the Enhanced Version, which involves Kenshi telekinetically slashing the enemy with his sword causing a groundbounce. The second part of the attack (possibly which is what makes it Enhanced) causes a smaller, telekinetic upward slash that sends the opponent flying.

-Continuing on, the next Special Attack we see is basically a telekinetic shoulder rush, a la Nightwolf's Shoulder Rush. This can apparently be comboed into after a jumping punch.

-Following the Shoulder Rush, we see what is either another Special Attack, or Kenshi's Backwards Grapple. Using telekinetic powers, Kenshi sends Shang Tsung flying to the other side of the screen. The reason we don't know if it's a Special Attack or Grapple is because Kenshi performs the attack at point blank range.

-We get to see Kenshi's first Fatality in the first clip. He first pulls Johnny Cage a little closer to him (this may indicate the range needed for the Fatality motion to be either Touching or Sweep distance, but definitely not Far or Fullscreen). Next, Kenshi sends his blade flying to the other side of the screen which is then stuck into the ground. Finally, Kenshi sends Johnny Cage's body, headfirst, flying towards the grounded blade. The scene is then cut off

-Following the next clip, we see another Special Move. Shang Tsung attempts to send a Flaming Skull at Kenshi, who then uses his blade to send the Skull flying back to Shang Tsung. This works almost exactly akin to Nightwolf's Reflector.

-In the next scene, we get to see a sneak peek of Kenshi's second Fatality. He is seen telekinetically slamming Johnny Cage's face into the screen of the "camera", resulting in cracks and blood smears on the screen of the player(s). The final smash into the "camera" is the most violent, and then the scene cuts off

-In the next scene, it is confirmed that the push we previously thought to be either a Grapple or a Special Attack that it is infact a GRAPPLE.

-Next scene we are shown more footage of the Upward TK Slash Special Attack, which is infact confirmed in this clip to be a standalone Special Attack, and not just a combo ender.

-Skipping a few scenes, we get to see a sneak peek of Kenshi's X-Ray Attack. It IS a projectile, in which Kenshi throws his sword from full screen distance. The blade connects, landing in Sonya Blade's stomach. Kenshi uses telekinesis to teleport directly infront of Sonya. He then removes the sword, and smashes her forehead with the butt of his sword, cracking her entire skull and dental set. The entire video then ends, and information about Kenshi's release date is then shown.

Kenshi is a top notch character who can hold his own with a decent rushdown game, and do battle with S Tier zoning with the best of 'em. To use Kenshi effectively, you must master BOTH styles of battle in order to effectively combat any chance the opponent has at victory.



Spirit Charge - Kenshi sends an apparition of himself charging forward, similar to Nightwolf's Shoulder Charge. This move is arguably tied for best Wakeup Attack in Kenshi's arsenal next to Rising Karma. Use this, in conjunction with TeleFury to keep the opponent out of your face. EX Version has armor.

Rising Karma - Kenshi uses his blade in an upward slash to launch the opponent into the air. Very, very useful in launching your opponent during combos and an excellent wakeup option. EX Version has armor.

TeleFury - Kenshi sends out a telekinetic form of himself at ANY range, to perform a quick combo on the opponent. This is Kenshi's claim to zoning FAME. The move has little to no recovery, and can freely keep the opponent at range, I recommend using this move indulgently should you want to keep your opponent out of your face. EX Version has armor.

Telekinetic Slash - Kenshi sends a downward slashing apparition of himself which damages the opponent quite notably at 10%. Important note on this: IS AN OVERHEAD.

Blade Reflect - Kenshi slashes his blade, reflecting any incoming projectile at POINT BLANK range. It is notable to state the the EX version restores health.



Scatterbrained - Down, Up, Down, Up, Block
Split Ends - Back, Foward, Down, Forward, 2
Stage Fatality - Down, Forward, Down, 3
Babality - Down, Back, Down, 1


VS Zoners: Kenshi will out-zone almost ANYONE with a few exceptions such as Noob Saibot. If you're trying to out-zone a character, stop their projectile pressure with Tele-Fury and keep them at bay up close with Spirit Charge.

VS Projectile Spam: Kenshi's Blade Reflector is arguably on par with Nightwolf's reflector. It can send back almost anything (excluding Noob's shadows, Shang's Ground Fireballs, Smoke's Cloud. The first two will dissipate, and Smoke's cloud will connect). Use when people are getting too comfortable flinging projectiles at you.

VS Rushdown: Kenshi can most certainly hold his own in rushdown pressure. Should your opponent get the chance to know you down, use either Spirit Charge or Rising Karma as wakeup options (depending on the distance from you and your opponent). Otherwise, Kenshi has both a low and high starter (an overhead starter has yet to be discovered), so use those to chain into some damaging combos when you're feeling aggresive.


9 Hits 35%: F2,2,B1, Dash, F3,2, Rising Karma, Dash, F2,2,B2

9 Hits, 30%: F2,2,B1, 1 xx Rising Karma, 3 xx Tele-Furry

7 Hits 31%: 2,1,B2 xx Rising Karma, Dash, F3,2 xx Spirit Charge

7 Hits, 30%: F2,2,B1, F2,2,B1, Spirit Charge

7 Hits 28%: F2,2 xx Rising Karma, 2,1,B2 xx Spirit Charge

10 Hits 28%: F2,2,B1, 1, Rising Karma, 1,1, Telefury


13 Hits 40%: JP, F2,2,B1, F2,2,B1, D1 xx Rising Karma, F3,2 xx EX Spirit Charge


9 Hits 44%: F2,1,2, Dash, 2,1 xx Rising Karma, 2 xx X-Ray

7 Hits 41%: 2,1,B2, 2,1 xx X-Ray (CORNER ONLY)

8 Hits 37%: F3,2 xx Rising Karma, Dash, F2,2 xx X-Ray


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You should add some bios, storyline and pics, and add all Kenshi info realesed like I did 13th.
Hey, Thirteenthorder. I tried to make a Kenshi thread not realizing you had already reserved a spot. Sorry about that. Here is some info I wrote up, if you'd like to use it. It has confirmed moves and links to the specific points in the trailer where the moves are shown. Kenshi is the best character ever. Good luck with the thread, bud.

Confirmed Specials

Psychic Up Sword (link)

Psychic Flurry (link)

Psychic Down Sword (link)

Sword Reflect (link)

(Psychic Down Sword may just be the enhanced Psychic Up Sword.)

Confirmed Grab

Psychic Toss (link)

Full Gameplay Trailer

Sorry all, I've been sitting here typing up a full analysis of the video so, enjoy.

But thanks kaballer, that was nice of you. I've got it though
its ok if he is ur fav long time,but these kids ...every dlc : "OH ITS MY NEW FAV!" like for skarlet...who the **** is skarlet cmon :D
I kinda dont like Kenshi =\ and im hessitant to buy him if its just gonna be like skarlet again where the compatability pack is optional and i couldn't use her for half of my games