Wow, I wonder how long it will take you to see this one


Lol about 6 or 5 mins.
Kabal is my top favorite. I mean his persona, his looks, his fighting style are all awesome!! He even makes ponytails look good.

I ADORE Kabal! Definatly one of my favorite characters. I really like the pigtails, but it seems to be just me on that one ^^;
His moves are really good, especially the nomad dash, although I am not that good with him yet. I just love his character and story. =)
I haven't really said a whole lot of positive things about MK9's story, so I guess I'll start with Kabal

I honestly really enjoyed his chapter, his and Nightwolf's were my two favorites

He was one of the few heroes that actually displayed personality in the story *cough* unlike Sonya *cough*
Even though he may return at the end of MK10, he'll probably go neutral this time but can still help his partner and friends if needed.
As a child I always used him against Motaro because he looked fat in the booklet. I thought fat = power lol.
And he is so quick! When I got Deception and foud out Kabal was in I felt he had to have what I call his "Blur" move! Glad he does.
A favourite of mine because of his moves and his storyline, good, bad or neutral!