I can see what you're talking about a little bit

He looks more like Dr. Dre though

In my opinion, the metal arms are what make Jax Jax. Him without them is like Sub-Zero without freezing powers, or Scorpion without his spear.
MAJOR JACKSON"JAX"BRIGGS-He's a Special Forces Agent,who traveled to Outworld,defeated Shao Khan,rescued his partner Sonya Blade & Kano from Shao Khan's captivity,Kano eluded capture from Jax & Sonya.On Mortal Kombat 3,Jax was implanted with metal cybernetic implants on his arms to enhance,increase his strength,then later he started The Outworld Investigation Agency along with his partner Sonya Blade.

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i liked jax...his attitude in MK9 made me like him even more. and the cutscene were he lost his arms was epic to me.
Although im content with him being dead and gone i do have an idea for his if somehow he was to make the roster.
I would have him be the one to train Cassie Cage begrudgingly bc Kano killed both Sonya & Johnny.
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