Pleeeeeeeeeeeease don't make him a cowboy

I'd rather him just be a Kano clone again if that even gets seriously considered

How about making him like an underground fighter or guerrilla fighter or something with homemade/third world weapons at his disposal
If Jarek won't be a Kano counterpart, what abilities shall he have then?

Kano's got a heart rip & knives, Kabal's got speed & hookswords. What shall he have?
Revamp, do you ever read the other posts of these threads before posting in them

Seriously lol
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Revamp, do you ever read the other posts of these thread before posting in them

Seriously lol

I think he/she/whatever just likes to make lists and randomly throws out questions with minimal feedback in hopes to stir the pot and "revamp" the fans interest in the franchise. However I think some of this stuff is just too repetitive to be productive triple posting in old threads is trying tooo hard and suggesting too many vague concepts at once makes me think revamp must really love MK Armageddon no offense.

-we need tons of characters!
-every powers imaginable!
-lets bring back everyone from every game!
-everyone should be cool cuz they deserve it! (*cough Hsu Hao *cough)

Jarek is part of the Black Dragon, one of my favorite things about MK. I really want Jarek and Kira to return but given originality because like Jarek says, "The Black Dragon Live on." Just keep out Kobra. They did enough damage with him.
Yeah on that. Moves or not, Jarek just looks meaner than Kobra.