Jade Classic Costume DLC Render Revealed


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As a black man, i'm disappointed in the lighter skin tone.

Can we PLEASE make Jade the sexy brown, caramel skinned goddess that she is. LOL

I wouldn't worry so much about her skin tone. This is just a render, maybe the ilumination made her skin lighter. Maybe her in-game model will have dark skin, not Jersey Shore skin.


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Awwww... no high heels!! :cry:

Nah just kiddin lol, she looks amazing. To me, it definitely has that Assassin/Shao kahn servant feel to it. Very classic!


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I really love this look for Jade. Like some of you guys said however, I really wish they would stick to a regular skin tone for her. I think a more brownish darker complection would add variety and give her a distinct difference from the rest of the females. They definately should give her a stable look in this game since it is a reboot though.

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She never really seemed black to me anyways, she seemed more Native American. But then again most people think if you have any hint of color to your skin, you're black. Ignorance haha.


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I would rather have had her MK2 costume. Hopefully NR puts in the extra effort and makes MK2 costumes for Mileena and Kitana's retro costumes. It will be a lot better for them 2 than palette swapped UMK3 costumes.

Besides that issue, the costume itself is pretty good.