Is it just me??


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is it just me or did mk4 really suck bad I mean reptile looked like crap and there was new characters that nobody liked and you had to do a big combo to pull out a wepon to me its the lowest point in MK history.

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I liked MK4! I do understand some peoples frustration with it however.
All of the characters had pretty much the same combos and the story lacked depth with the introduction of Shinnok and the return of Goro. However it was the fist attempt at a 3D Mortal kombat game and it did bring some great moments to the Mortal kombat saga. The fan stage fatality was awesome as was seeing the spike ceiling fatality in 3D.
It also featured arguably the best collection of fatalities seen in in any of the games. Some great hidden costumes. And it also introduced weapons to the Mortal Kombat battles (no it wasn't necessary to pull of a big combo) by way of entering a special move type motion.
Also the endings are still the best to this day!
MK: Gold was a vast improvement on MK4 however. As it increased the speed of the game, and the graphics were superb, not to mention all of the extra characters. Sektor being the best!
Seahawks05 said:
you had to do a big combo to pull out a weapon.
omfg are you telling me you cant pull off a little 8 or 9 hit combo....*sigh* :roll:

SpineRip said:
no it want nessesary to pull of a big combo first next point

but to answer the original question, yes MK4 did suck, while MKgold was an improvement, it wasnt really as drastic as SpineRip made it seem imo.

SpineRip said:
also the endings are still the best to this day!
yeah, sektors ending was possibly the best ending i have ever seen in a MK game period. :twisted:

ive said it once, and i'l say it again, hats off to Sektor

hehehe.... :twisted: he went !@#$ing postal on their asses


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i liked mk4 i mean come on sub zero's spine rip returned in 3d and quan chi" leg rip was awesome.nothing was better to me at that time


Sektor wasn't in MK4.

However, in MK Gold, he walked in on Sonya and Jax as they were turning Cyrax back into a human and opened up his chest and unloaded an ass load of missiles killing all 3 of them.

Back on the random topic at hand, MK4 was pretty crappy in my eyes. Though Reptile looked the coolest in this game compared to it's predecessors and those that followed it. The new characters were a great addition as well, except maybe for Shinnok.


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Seahawks05 said:
you had to do a big combo to pull out a wepon to me its the lowest point in MK history.

Yeah, that was so hard I still have nightmares. I mean, like for Scorpion's weapon, you had push the whole entire joystick forward, but it didn't end there, no! You had to push it not once, but twice... in succession even! And if that wasn't difficult enough, you had to press high kick after that! OMG WTF!!!!!11one

I didn't think MK4 was that bad, though. It surely isn't the best in the series, but hell, it was an experimental technology for them at the time.


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MK4, was the frist MK game, I played, dude, so back off! But once I played the first 3, those were my immediate faves!


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MK4/Gold was an awsome game. Mostly, most people didn't get the weapon sysyem. I, actualy, hate the new one in MKDA and MDK. MK4 has dropable weapons that can be stolen by openets. The weapons where a lot more random and uniqe. They made more sense. Sonya's Fan Blades kicked ass. And I love the War-Hammer.

You have to learned how to block, and how to kick the person back to pull it out, to use the weapon. Most people either don't know how to block asnd drop it as soon as they pull it out. They usualy do this, because the pull it out without back-hich-kicking the oponet away. And, apperantly, *laughs in a pitty way* some can't do the combo to take the weapon out. :roll:

Once you get used to the system, it's more ralistic and dramatic that a weapon that never drops and can'y be taken.

The story was a loss of depth, but it's a first. The first MK didn't have much of a story either, until the sequals expanded it. MK4 makes good sense with the new sequals. He's a fallens Elder God, and now the Almulet is seen as more and more important.

They wanted a new story, and the first step is always the hardest. :)


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you guys make some good points last night I even played MK4and Quan Chi's leg rip might be my fav fatalitie I just cn't stand to look at reptile and that level whith the heads you can throw are they suposed to be real heads ?

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I thought MK4 wasn't that bad. I admit its one of the worst MK games but I had a lot of fun with it. Of course I did get MK Gold later and loved it even more.

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