Intense Injustice Session

Had a day off from work today. I started playing Injustice around 8:30, and it snow balled, into 14 hours. Mostly battle modes but 2 of my friends stopped by for a little. This was mostly due to Batgirl being so dirty. By far, best DLC Ive ever purchased in a fighting game. Beat countdown mode too (defeat every opponent in under 30 seconds) a lot of fun if you haven't tried it yet.
anyone who wastes time doing her infinite is retarded.

that shit WILL get patched out. you're wasting your time and practice on a mechanic which will eventually no longer be there.
Very true. Even though some don't realize it, but NRS is watching these matches via some type of netcode that spies on every single match and the most obvious that everyone knows, which is somewhat playing it themselves or watching these fights via YouTube.