Injustice: Gods Among Us Prequel Comic

Didn't you hear what Sinestro said to Kyle about his plans after observing Earth for one whole year, seeing that the system, Supes is establishing is similar to what he has done in his homeworld, albeit in a different method; while Rayner was away, besides the Master of Fear couldn't allow one of his sworn enemies to warn the Guardians or any other Lanterns about his activities or else things would go awry.

Also I'm gonna display a death list of all well-known characters by each Year in the next post.

So now Sinestro has a better chance of taking over. Got it

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Not taking over, dammit. He's planning on forming an alliance with Supes and helping the Kryptonian establish his regime and business on Earth. More like lending him advice. How else was Sinestro able to hold a good ranking in Superman's forces in the game?
Hey don't you yell at me. I haven't been in here for at least a year.
Lol but yeah I see your point.

Fvck Sinestro
Notable deaths in the comics leading to the Injustice game, sorted by Year. For those who DID NOT read or/and played the story, please absolutely DO NOT open the spoiler unless you did do the above requirements

Year One:
Scarecrow (Jonathan Crane)
Jimmy Olsen
Lois Lane
Nightwing (Richard "Dick" Grayson)
Captain Atom (Nathaniel Adam)
Green Arrow (Oliver "Ollie" Queen)

Year Two:
Kyle Rayner (4th Green Lantern from Earth)
His body was found in S.T.A.R. Labs, with a grin smile, after Joker stole his fear toxins, along with kryptonite from the lab itself. It was told during either the 1st or 2nd chapter of Year One.
Here are the release dates for Issues 2 and 3 and their respective cover arts in courtesy of DC comics. I believe Year Two is only 2 chapters a issue this time instead of 3 chapters like in Year One.

Issue #2 (Chapters 3 and 4)

Release Date: February 12, 2014

Issue #3 (Chapters 5 and 6)

Release Date: March 26, 2014
Oh is this where we see Hal go Yellow Lantern?

I think that's pretty damn cool

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In courtesy of our good partner, FaithUltimate, here it's Chapter 3 of Year Two:

My opinion:
Ouch! I think Hal's is slowly, but surely falling from grace starting with this action right there. Plus, I think Carol can see that he's afraid. And I fear that when the time is right, Sinestro's gonna capitalize on that opportunity.
Here is Chapter 4, in courtesy of FaithUltimate

Looks like things are getting very interesting with the whole power shift and it's funny how Hal harshly retorted the whole Congress for not doing what was they suppose to do originally when America was born. And it looks like the Green Lantern Corps. is about to get involve in something that's gonna change everyone's lives forever.

It seems that once the pill has been made on the Insurgency side, Barbara is about to take one, so she can recover and get involve on the frontlines as Batgirl. Not now, but in the future years before the game settings.
Been awhile since I lasted posted it. May not post up 5-7 but, WILL post up this latest chapter in courtesy of FaithUltimate. The breaking point and the prelude to a major war between the Justice League and the Green Lantern Corps.