How to make a fake in MS Paint

I know this is an old thread, but I only just started trying it. How do you get the lifebars onto the background without that little unwated space from when you cut it? Do you have to like, cut it in a special way or something?
what u mean extra blank? when the sprite is pasted, click the option-thingy BELOW the one highlighted below your toolbar. and if u STILL dont understand what im talking about, look through the posts in Rain1's profile. if u find some HUGE multalities using lots of panels, click on the topic name, and you'll find my mini-tutorial there. glad i could help.
now you need to make a part two with detailed editing so the board isn't flooded with mspaint copy and pastes :D
Sorry, for double post.

How do i make the screen that it not blurry.

Also MKW, area is small, when i am trying to paste it on MS paint.
Okay, i am new at making fakes and i just cant seem to be able to make good ones off of Paint. I have made a few made on this program called printshop 22 but it is too confusing and they are lacking greatness. Need help Please! :dontknow:
you have to right click the pink square around the sprite, then make sure that secondary color is transparent. then paste it over your background, and it should disappear.
i don't mean to sound insulting at all, but if you are having a so hard time with this it just may not be your thing.

i mean K1ll's tutorial on the first page pretty much covers it in a nutshell, look it over carefully and pay attention to the tools and buttons used in the screenshots

for the record "White" (as in pure white, it must be pure white not one shade or hue difference) IS the transparent background. so for ur pink pixelation problem, just take the eraser and/or pencil or paint or whatever tool you choose and turn all the pink white. if you're working with a highly pixelated image like something that was saved in jpeg format this can be time consuming, but it will all pay off if you just take the time to clear the image you want from the stuff you don't. once your subject matter is isolated in this way all you do is choose the transparency option and then select and drag the intended top image over the intended background image