How to make a fake in MS Paint


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We're going to do a walkthrough of how to make a decent fake in MS Paint from start to finish including pictures and a lot of time spent by your's truely, K1LLKANO :). This will be regarding MK3/UMK3

First things first, select your background. For this fake, we will be using the arena, The Temple (one of my favorites, both visually and musically)

So, go grab the one you want!


Then, figure out which characters you are going to use. Once you do this, lets put the lifebars and other text in there, since these will never change. Start a new picture so you can edit them properly and paste in the left side life bar. Just right click the one you want, then paste it into the new picture (CTRL+V). You may want to change the background to another color. I'm going to use 000, 255, 000 green because it's a rare color and you won't have to worry about losing pixels when pasting later.


Notice that I have the dotted line select box chosen and white as my secondary color. This will prevent you from pasting in some unwanted pixels.

Next, paste in the name you want, we'll use ummm... Sub-Zero. The name on the left life bar goes in 4 pixels. If you lose some pixels, just fill them in and use the thumbnail (Pull down menu, View>Zoom>Show Thumbnail) to get a true size picture in picture so you can see if you're messing anything up.


Personally, I like to just take a Print Screen of the names section, then paste them in after copying that one section of text. You won't lose the pixels if you change the background to that bright green I mentioned.


Once you have the first one done, paste it into your background. It goes in 20 pixels from the left and down 25 pixels.


Now for the life bar on the left, grab the fully red one and do the same thing. We'll use Sub's nemesis, Scorpion for shits and giggles. This name goes in 7 pixels, why it's different, IDK, it just is. The whole life bar only goes in 16 pixels from the right opposed to 20.


DON'T FORGET, always make sure that that color you don't want to show up when pasting is the right click (background) color.

Next, add your winning medallions. The first one is placed 4 pixels inside the life bar and 2 pixels down. The second is just one pixel away from that one on the same plane.


At this point, you will want to save your fake with whatever name you desire. You'll end up with a few different files by the end so you can copy and paste more easily. Just remember to name them differently.

If you want to make it appear that your winner took a beating, just copy some of the red from the losing life bar and paste it over the blue area. REMEMBER to use your magnifying glass to get a close up view to count pixels and line things up easier.

Once you have that set, it's time to set up the darkening effect. Start a new picture that is the same parameters as the fake, 395 x 253 seems is the standard. This option can be used by hitting (CTRL+E).

You should have a blank white picture in front of you, now just checkerboard (CB) it with black dots. To speed up the process, get a decent sized CB going then copy and paste it, then copy and paste that, then copy and paste that till the enitire thing is covered, like so.




Now, copy that picture (select all [CTRL+A] copy [CTRL+V]) and paste it over your background and save again.



Now go find the sprites you wish to use, we'll select these two,

Start a new picture again and position your sprites how you want them. It's best to use the same image attributes so you know if you're fake will fit. You will also want to save this portion of your fake with a new name.


Next, you're going to start your shadows. Do this by using the select tool to grab the exact highest and lowest pixel in both sprites, copying it, then pasting it into another new image. From there, take the cursor and move it to the top of the selection box. Drag that down to about 1/4 the original height. Next, fill in all those pixels with plain black. After you've got all that finished, repaste the original so it sits over top of the shadows you just created.






Now you're going to want to paste your shadowed sprites into the arena but, Uh-oh, I used a background that has foreground objects :(. To fix this, you will have to copy one of those candles, then paste it into a new file and save it so you can repaste it over the fatality image and blood splatter that you use.


If that is too much work for you, stop now and don't bother working in paint :p

Now go paste that fatality image already!


Now you're ready to add the blood, yay! Be sure to watch your placement and don't over do it.


Do any pixel by pixel editing you need to, blending the best you can to add entry and exit wounds and you'll be just about done.


Now, remember those candles that are in the foreground? Go copy them and paste them over the other candles real quick.


Voila! You're done. Well, almost. I realize I forgot to add the timer :( but it's easy enough. You would paste it in before darkening the background as it is one of the objects darkened in a fatality. Proper placement is this, the shadow for the numbers has one space of pixels above the life bars, the left number's left edge should hang over the left life bar by one pixel and the right number's shadow should hang one pixel over the right life bar.

If you wish to add "WINS" text, it goes 3 pixels above the life bar and one pixel inside it for the left one. The right one goes in substantially more (15 pixels to be exact) from the right side of the right life bar for some reason.
Sweetness on the totorial K1LL! It's awesome :D

I beat you to the darkened background part, but it's better you than me to do the whole toturial. Awesome work, dude :D
This helps a bunch. I wish this was out when I first started making these things. I rate it a 10/10, it will definatly help a lot of the paint users here.

Great job K1LLKANO :)
Holy crap, KK. I could've used this a bit less than a year ago, and for that matter, i still can

From our hearts to yours: Thank j00 8)
KiLlAcAm said:
I know i sound like an idiot but i cant get the sprites completly black..

You have to color them by hand either using the pencil (pixel by pixel), the Fill tool (bucket, only fills all of one color at a time) or the line tool (just drag from one side of sprite to the next).
Dam this is not the year for me i was going to do one of those but didnt (everbody keeps taking my idea) anyway thats good
damn i messed up on the shadows. When i pasted it to a new file i got confused on how to color it i picked invert colors but my sprite turned pink and the space around him turned black only.
K1LLKANO said:
KiLlAcAm said:
I know i sound like an idiot but i cant get the sprites completly black..

You have to color them by hand either using the pencil (pixel by pixel), the Fill tool (bucket, only fills all of one color at a time) or the line tool (just drag from one side of sprite to the next).
I was screwing with MS Paint the other day and realized that the picture used to make a darkened bg can be used to make something transparent. Instead of using white as the invisble color, us black, and paste it over the shadow/lifebar/ect. When you post it on the fake BG, make white the default invisible color, and paste it. It looks like the shadow/lifebar/ect transparent. Try it, its cool :)