Whoa what!? Goro had a MK9 ending!?!

According to what people have found on the hacked files, here are Kintaro and Goro's "supposed" endings:


For millennia Shao Kahn had toyed with the proud Shokan race, continuously demanding they prove their worth against the hated Centaur. Goro slew the emperor, ending this indignity.

He then used Shao Kahn’s blood to paint runic symbols on his body—an ancient Shokan ritual of succession.
Suddenly the runes began to glow, searing Goro’s flesh.
Incredible power surged through him.
Goro became Drathon, the Destroyer Prince prophesized to exterminate the Centaur and reunite the Shokan bloodlines.


Kintaro's meteoric rise to glory in the service of Shao Kahn had inflated his ego and his hunger for exaltation.

But his position as the emperor's bodyguard had stifled any opportunity for further achievement or recognition--save one.
After killing Shao Kahn, the most powerful being in Outworld, Kintaro's fame had grown indeed.
He had achieved the notoriety of a traitor.
Now hunted by the Centaur, Tarkatan and Shokan, Kintaro lives a life of exile, a victim of his own infamy.

Source: http://www.mortalkombatonline.com/content/forum/showmessage.cds?id=131978
Out of all the Shokan, he is my favorite. Not to big on playing as sub bosses but Goro is my exception. he is a powerhouse and has devastating moves. but what i would like most whether hes playable or not that he becomes a good guy. Rough around the edges but a good guy. We've all seen him good even though it was brief. The Shokan have a Code of Honor which is interesting to me because theyre such Brute species. Besides with the majority of the heroes gone in MKX, the Forces of light will need all the help they can get!
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Ok a few questions I have about MKX Goro.

They say preorder to play as Goro so could that mean he is a nonplayable sub boss in the game?

If he is a sub boss then how will the playable version be balanced?

They have said that he does have 3 variations so if he is a sub boss will you be able to change you character's version going into to the fight in tower mode to counter his version or other bosses'/fighters' for that matter?

In story mode it seems like the variations will be based on the age of the character at that time so will that make bad match ups for some of the sub bosses/bosses?
Kintaro? A four-armed monster with cat-like qualities. Meh.

Motaro? A centaur. Cooler than Kitaro, but not by a huge amount.

Goro? A four-armed freak of nature with an awesome background. Even his cave stage screams "badass" with those red eyes in the background. Like what are they? Pets of his?

Yeah, Goro is one hell of a character. 2 thumbs up.