Goro and Release date revealed.

If he's finished and on the disc, and you pay a code to unlock him from the disc, that would be a valid complaint, IMO.

IMO it's not though. If he's not on the disc then why would it suddenly be okay? He's still done, He's still ready to be on disc. The only difference is a couple second download time. Honestly, I just don't see how it's EVER been a valid complaint. You're getting a bonus for pre-ordering the game...It's not like they're picking names from a hat and just randomly giving away on disc DLC. They are giving it to the people who earned it. If you didn't pre-order then I guess you didn't earn it and you can wait.

I'm not trying to argue with you or anything, I just never understood why a pre-order bonus can't be on disc. It's finished before the game comes out! I can understand getting pissed off when games try and put ALL the dlc on disc. That's not cool....But this is a pre-order, it's suppose to be made before the game comes out.

In fact, if people want to complain that a character on disc should be made free, then they need to complain when Goro is NOT on disc.
Because he just as easily could have been on disc, then sold for free. Instead they intentionally leave him out just so butthurt fans can keep there pride, and NRS can take there 5 bucks.

I don't know, I definitely took this too far. haha
Iv just never understood peoples stance on pre-order bonus DLC.
Maybe they should change it to "Pre-order and UNLOCK Goro"

Anyway, sorry if i was being disrespectful or something, I understand where you're coming from.
I just get all worked up when it comes to pre-order bonus shit.
It's cool, man. :top:
I wasn't upset or anything. ;)

I'm just trying to understand where people are coming with claims like that.
Maybe their logic is "No in-game story model and no playable model = completely DLC."
I dunno.

I don't mind, either way, because it's essentially a pre-order bonus.
Yeah, I guess people will always complain.

But im sure when Goro has a gameplay trailer out, and everybody sees how amazing they revamp him, they'll forget all about whats on disc and what isn't.

They'll say the same thing they say about every character reveal, "MY NEW MAIN!!!" :laugh:
Yes they were.
Sub-Zero's classic fatality was revealed along with Jax. And Scorpion's classic fatality was shown in Gamestop commercials.
Not sure about Reptile, but I'm certain that it was completed too. They had these things finished long before the game came out but chose to keep it separate.
Revealed, yes.
None of those fatalities were on the disc.
There was no source code hint or leak that those fatalities were ever on-disc.
Probably not, but unfortunately for those who don't pre-order, pre-orders bonuses and DLC are the business model these days.
My only real complaint about Goro is that he is, for now, a retail only pre-order bonus. I dont want disc copies, I want to pre-load digital copies.
You can pre order games digitally. No word on if you can for MKX, but you could with Injustice so I can't see why not. And you do still get the pre order bonus of Goro because he isn't retail specific

Edit Nevermind, I guess he is retail exclusive. Bummer
My only real complaint about Goro is that he is, for now, a retail only pre-order bonus. I dont want disc copies, I want to pre-load digital copies.
In other words, you want counterfeit copies that you can't even touch with your own hands, or play on anyone else's console, and that you don't have any genuine ownership of?

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