His design is cool imo and his abilities are cool. Nothing Ermac can do.

And if Raiden goes crazy in MK11 I'm sure Fujin will replace Raiden. So?
This pretty much sums up why I've wanted to see a well-designed Fujin again, since MK4.
Not only is he a wind god, but in the old timeline he had a cross-bow and in this new timeline he fights with a bo.

People like to use the idiotic argument that "Fujin can't be in because Kitana and Kung Lao have a couple of wind moves," but last time I checked Cassie had Johnny's Nut Kraker in 1 variation and she has Sonya's Cartwheel Kick in another variation.
Takeda also has Scorpion's Teleport and a move in which he pulls people toward him with his whips in the Shirai Ryu variation.
Shirai Ryu Takeda = Scorpion lite, so people can really just GTFOH with that double-standard bullshit.
It would be cool if he got a crossbow in one variation for his zoning variation and his bo for another variation. Kinda like Tanya's dragon naginata.
Ever seen the 95 movie?


That's Raiden...two YEARS before Fujin ever appeared in a Mortal Kombat game.

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Best Raiden, in my opinion.

I want Fujin to have his crossbow back. So many people hate it, I don't know why. I thought it was a fun weapon for him to have, and I loved that he used it in a fatality of his. It's the only "want" I want on him.
Because the Krossbow represents the Element of Wind more than any other weapon. It's an aerial weapon.

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That logic suggests Scorpion should use a flamethrower, Rain a water gun and Raiden a taser.
He could and can use other things besides his powers. Scorpion could use his fire abilities, yet he has multiple weapons to use at his disposal. Same with Kano. He could use his cybernetic laser eye as much as he wants but yet he choses to use knives as well.

That and it gives Fujin more special attacks rather than just relying purely on his abilities.
That logic suggests Scorpion should use a flamethrower, Rain a water gun and Raiden a taser.

IMO, the "aerial weapon" logic seems to comparatively suggest Scorpion using a weapon that sticks into their opponent (much like a Scorpion, which he does -the spear) and fire elements since he's from hell (which he also does in 1 variation), Rain using water (rain) and lightning / thunder (which he does) and Raiden (the god of thuder) using thunder / lightning powers (which he does).

Bo Rai Cho's fart also represents the Element of Wind.

Bo Rai Cho's fart represents a gaseous element.
Closer related to methane.