First Batch of Sprites In A Very Long Time


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The green suit did look much cooler, I'm with Saph here. Although, however you look at it, it's a leotard and a motorbike helmet. Would have been better if the guys in the suits were more muscular, as it was they just looked awkward.


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Ah but the suits in the movie were really more like armor than "a leotard and a motorbike helmet". It's too bad those couldn't be adapted for the TV series as well as the film. And, since the green ranger wasn't IN the movie, only the white ranger gets a kickass upgrade to his outfit.

But what I really dug about the White Ranger was his retracting sword. While the dragon flute was kickass looking it wasn't really an effective weapon.

Now, while I'll agree the Green Ranger's suit has an angular, sharp look that the white suit is clearly lacking, the White Ranger's helmet has a faceplate instead of lips. And a faceplate is always more kickass.

White Ranger transforms at 3:07.
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The Green Ranger just had more attitude.

But yeah, the dragon dagger...I never understood why he used that thing like a sword. I know short-sword fighting and all, but he fought against people with swords and I was like "So...that thing is just a blunt object, pretty much?"