First Batch of Sprites In A Very Long Time


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So I can't say how long it's been since I last made a sprite, I think I'm circling about two years, if not longer. Regardless of that, I want to remind you all of my old batch of Power Ranger sprites, which were supposed to make a cameo in the Life and Times comic.
Anybody remember these little guys?


Well, I made those somewhere about four years ago, and have since then ended Life and Times and Megs and Negs, as well as all but retiring from sprite making.

Then the other day, as my friend and I were watching the MMPR movie, I was hit with a burst of inspiration and decided to make a new sprite comic based on the Power Rangers (with my friends and I in the main cast). I originally went in hoping to use my old sprites, but as I viewed them I realized that they were dismal. I thought to myself "I should really try and update these sprites." but then hit myself in the head as I remembered that my skill with MS Paint was rudimentary now, at best. Still, I figured there was no harm in trying, and I got to work, and then I ended up with these...


(The Rob sprite would be the green one, of course)

What do you guys think?
Well the sprite work is good as usual. Have you ever done a webcomic before? It's not as easy as it sounds.
but he was good before he was white. Remember that, it's crucial.
Did anyone else notice that Tommy used to sweat more than any man should?
Yes the green ranger became a good guy after the six part green ranger mini-series and he stayed so for some time. The dragon-megazord was flippin' SWEET. But right around the time when they got new zords for the second generation megazord that they changed him into the white ranger and he got a tiger zord that not only transformed on it's own but also combined with the new megazord in equally awesome fashion.

I owned the green ranger mini-series on VHS. Don't you go questioning my Power Rangers knowledge! And yes, he did sweat an unusual amount.
I lost interest when they changed the costumes. TBH, I kinda lost interest when Jason left. Was it true that they came under fire for having the Black Ranger as a black guy and the Yellow Ranger as an asian chick?

I loved all the stuff like Masked Rider, VR Troopers and Big Bad Beetleborgs too. Man, this takes me back.
I stopped watching after Galaxy. That's when they killed off Zordon. But let's started with the original, then they got their new zords based on deities, but just before that there was the movie...which was awesome. After that they got new costumes (but the same actors give or take) and called themselves Zeo (I think). They had star shaped masks and humanoid zords of which I am still missing the left leg...pisses me off. Then it went Turbo and the kid joined the group and the actors got changed up a bit. Let's see now...they had car shaped zords then as well as I think a giant train to carry them all. He's one of my faves, he's as big as my Transformers Unicron (which is big). I think that's where galaxy comes in, they shoot off into space get a few new awesome megazords which I still have one of (the blue one made up of little spaceships) and they end that series by killing Zordon. And somehow the explosion of his awesomeness wipes out all the evil people from Rita Repulsa to Emperor Zed.

P.S. Ivan Ooze was totally kickass.
Nope, nope nope
It goes
MMPR, where they started with the Dinozords, then the Thunderzords, then the Ninja Zords, then the Shogun Zords. Then Rita's father Count Vile turned the rangers into children, wherein Zordon brings in the Alien rangers, until Billy recovers the Zeo crystal which is shattered and sent into the past as the Zeo Subcrystals, where the children are sent to recover them. (Billy didn't have to go because he managed to retain his regular age)
There Aisha remained in the past and her ancestor Tanya came forward as the new yellow ranger.
Enter Zeo
They all become Zeo Rangers, Trey of Triforia comes from an alien race and becomes the Gold Ranger, until he is weakened and Jason (Returning from the peace conference that took him away midway through MMPR) takes up the mantle, until he is forced to give it back up. Billy leaves for Aquitar on account of being in love with some alien chick.
Enter Turbo
Everybody randomly gets a car upgrade, because for some reason, the Zeo powers weren't enough to combat Divatox. Tommy, Katherine, Tanya and Adam then decide that their time as a ranger is over, and pass the mantle on to TJ, Ashley, Cassie and Carlos, respectively. Justin (who replaced Rocky in the beginning of the season due to a back injury) remains the blue ranger. Divatox joins the Alliance of Evil and launches an attack on the rangers, which destroys the Power Chamber and, in the fray, Zordon is kidnapped and taken into space.
Enter In Space
The rangers take off into space to find Zordon, where they meet Andros, who upgrades their powers to the Space ranger powers (With Andros himself as the red one) Andros' sister, Karone (aka Astronema) portrays the main villain in the series, being brainwashed by Dark Spectre. In the end, Andros comes face to face with Ecliptor (Astronema's head general and father figure) where he uncovers Zordon (Andros has been an agent of Zordon for years, possibly being one of the original rangers referred to in MMPR) and is forced to destroy his power tube, releasing Zordon's pure energy throughout the galaxy and purifying all the evil beings, destroying those beyond redemption
Enter Galaxy
The rangers are legendary, and their ship, the Astromegaship, has been convereted into an NSA ship to be sent into another galaxy, commanded by a new breed of rangers. Among those is Mike Corbett, whose little brother, Leo, has stowed away on the ship, to be with his brother. Once on Mirinoi, the new rangers meet Maya, a native. They pull out the Quasar sabers and become the Galaxy Rangers, battle Trakeena and her father Scorpius, I think it was.

This was the end of the Zordon-era rangers.
Did you recently Wiki that? 'Cus even my memory of it isn't that good. Though I got the order mostly right.
Did you recently Wiki that? 'Cus even my memory of it isn't that good. Though I got the order mostly right.

Didn't wiki anything, I just have a very good memory and a lot of time on my hands (There's currently a green ranger action figure sitting on my printer)
Oh I saw him at Epcot the other day. In the store in the Japanese section. I almost bought him, but I prefer the white costume.
Wrong what? I saw one of the Power Rangers Classics Green Ranger figures at the store in the Japanese section at can I be wrong about that?

Or do you mean you have one of the original Green Ranger figures sitting on your printer? 'Cus I got one of those too. White Ranger as well.