Ermac's Allegiance?


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Ermac looks very lonely without any threads, so let's get some discussion going!


Here are the facts as we know them today:

1. Ermac was created by magical means for the purpose of serving Shao Kahn, Emperor of Outworld.
2. At some point in MKX, Ermac serves Kotal Kahn, Emperor of Outworld.
3. Ermac contains Shao Kahn's soul.

This leads to a couple of possibilities:

1. Ermac was ensorcelled to protect/obey whoever is currently Emperor of Outworld. (Shao Kahn really should have read the fine print.)

2. Shao Kahn's soul is influencing Ermac's actions. So if he's helping Kotal, it's probably because this somehow plays into the agenda of Shao Kahn's soul. (Because in Mortal Kombat, souls have agendas.)

3. Ermac is already becoming willful and self-interested, and either He Believes in Kotal Kahn, or he was promised something in exchange for his services. (Mileena's soul. :twisted:)

Which do you think is the most likely? And which would you prefer to see?
I'd like option 2. Shao Khan is such a powerful presence in the series I'd be pretty sad if he were gone for good. Besides, if there was going to be an event that erased his existence completely, then his punishment by the Elder Gods after the last game would have made a lot of sense. However, with Ermac having Khan's soul, I believe the threat of his return still lingers. It's odd that the Elder Gods didn't sequester his soul and hide it in a dark dimension like Shinnok's amulet. I'll be happy if Ermac represents the possibility of Khan's return sometime, as cool as Ermac is as a character in his own right. I also think they could do something interesting with the fact that King Jerrod and Khan inhabit the same body.
With Ermac being in the game, I sure some things can be assume especially if ANY of the Leaked Bio's are true.

Ermac's Supposed Leaked Bio
-After the defeat of his creator, Shao Kahn, Ermac was commanded by the rightful heir to the throne, Mileena. A portion of the deceased Emperor's soul, which had entered the warriors’ body moments after his defeat by Raiden, fused with Ermac and made their telekinetic power increase significantly. A battle for dominance began inside the warrior--a battle that began corrupting all of the souls within’ causing Ermac’s body to slowly decay. The corruption led Ermac to begin acting irrationally, leaving him to side with Kotal Kahn and assist the Osh-Tekk in ousting Mileena as Empress of Outworld.

I think that if Ermac is currently in control, its bc Shao Kahn is "playing possum" and Ermac will be a "Good guy" for the most part until Shao Kahn decides its time to intervine when the time is right. Unfortunately I think Ermac will once again fight Shao Kahn but in the battle between them, they both will perish finally.
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Ermac needs a lot of fleshing out. For a character as old and popular as he is, he seems to have a pretty erratic identity if any at all. Id love for him to have a steady character arc with motivations and identity.

As it stands other characters dont really even acknowledge him and hes just silent and ambiguous, which is very frustrating as a fan.

I think the focus on the Cage Family and Kang and special forces has brought this about, because ermac isnt the only popular character that suffers this fate. Most characters havent changed or grown from the description in their first appearance

I wish the plot had more fluidity and continuity, it usually can maintain such continuity over as many as two games hefore it reverts back to its base state, and its just waste of good lore.
Seriously, I read the thread title as "Ermac's Allergies". xD

I really hope Ermac will end up becoming his own entity like he was in MKD, making his own decisions and not bound to anyone to do their bidding. Whether it is Kenshi or someone/something else making it happen doesn't matter to me, as long that's the end result.

However, seeing as he's got Shao Kahn's soul within might mean that's not going to be the case.
Also... How the heck did he absorb Shao Kahn's soul? After MK9, I thought the Elder Gods either totally obliterated him, body and soul, or at least imprisoned him somewhere like they did with Shinnok. Maybe they put his soul into Ermac, choosing him to be Shao Kahn's jailor of sorts. I hope we'll get an explanation.
I'm of the theory Ermac and Skarlet and playing "Obey" with current Emperors, and are both still working for khan and finding a way to revive him. As like a side story. So NRS can always have a fall-back plan if they wish to bring back khan later.

That's my guess.

And why is it everytime khan makes a obedient servant he makes them red-based lol.
Id like for Ermac to have some sort of interaction with Kenshi. And I think is Shao is to come back, Ermac can send the soul into that meat looking monster that was in the arena with what looks to belong to Quan Chi. So that way Ermac can truly be free because the idea of him still being all about Shao is annoying and boring.
I preferred purified Ermac of Deception but I understand more evil characters are needed now due to story mode.
I remember One of the my fav. moments in MK9 story, Ermac ripped off Jax's arms in the chapter of Kuai Liang. I hope NRS keep Ermac as evil.
Some of the intros make it sound he is evil, plus the Shao Kahn "inclusion"...

The intros could be read as evil, or they could be read as "Ermac is one weird dude, and doesn't get people." I think his allegiance to Kotal makes the latter more likely at this point.
Yeah i think Ermac's ultimate allegiance is to Shao Kahn and he just helps Kotal because of his affinity for the outworld. His ending raises some interesting questions though.
Kahn won't or shouldn't be killed off completely and as for his future, that's dependent on what magical abilities he does have and how he came to be who he is.
But just because he should return, does not mean he should return to his post as Emperor of Outworld. In fact I'd rather Onaga return before him. Why can't Kahn just have a different fate of sorts?
As for Ermac's allegiance, I as well liked his Deception ending the most, the one where he's not under anyone's control, decides for himself what to do and be his own person; much like the Lin Kuei cyborgs.
Soul Shakedown!

Ermac I think pairs nicely and entertainingly with Tanya, so we can come up with some nice 'soul calibre' storylines regarding the diversification of soul-fragments because of reincarnation principles (e.g., population fractures). If Ermac has Shao Kahn's soul, maybe his own soul is yearning to be with Mileena (or Tanya!); this inner-conflict is causing Ermac to lean towards Kotal Kahn and away from Shao Kahn. After all, MK storyboarding is nicely-conducive to 'metaphysics fanfare'!


ERMAC: I served Shao Kahn, and now I serve Kotal Kahn.
TANYA: I would rather 'serve' some media-hip faces on Facebook (e.g., Grayson Allen, Kate Hudson, Leo DiCaprio).
ERMAC: Allen is a Duke stand-out, and Hudson is Fabletics/Hollywood fame, yes?
TANYA: Yes, they're both media-fresh, and exist in a world much more friendly than Outworld.
ERMAC: If there are multiple 'worlds/realities,' my soul must seek its own happiness and not lean towards Shao/Kotal...
TANYA: I think if your soul is 'unique,' you will come away from both Kahns and towards me!
ERMAC: I could pretend I'm Grayson Allen, and you could pretend you're Kate Hudson!
TANYA: Yes, we could masquerade ourselves (and our souls) to escape the influence of the Kahns.
ERMAC: Let's ask Lord Raiden for blessings.
TANYA: Good idea. I'll work out an escape plan with the spirit of Sindel...