when i whas fighting online whit my first main smoke and sombodey took ermac i was like omg he must be epic pro mk gamer
3 days later beating my friend whit ermac if u tink about it hes not that hard to learn k the highest combo i can do is a 35% combo no super meter or x ray but its my first mk ever i never expected to do even a combo cus normal i dont game whit strategy now i still get beaten by ppl online but i get better btw the 35% combo if u take away the 2 last moves and add the x ray its a 50%
and over hes costumes i like the second more it looks more epic than the first on neves ever looket tho hes costumes in the other mk games cus i dont have any other lol but yea ermac is epic and is it true ermac learned kensji som moves in a other game or somting? just wondering kensji's moves looks a bit like the ons of ermac if u think about it kensji looks like noob ermac combination lol

Um. Right on, man...
I really hope they doesn't go with the king Jerrod theory. That would destroy what makes Ermac so cool, the "We are Many" story arc he has.

Thankfully, the unconfirmed MKX concept art of him makes him look more like a nomad and less like a regal figure.
I like the fact that Ermac was one being composed of many souls. Im curious though, of all the Souls he is made from, not one of them is corrupt? Is that why he is a good guy after breaking free from Shao Kahns grip?

Either way he is cool. His telekinetic powers were always cool to me and it never made him seem cheap.

I agree with you [MENTION=4889]BBBLP[/MENTION], i hope his story isn't cannon.
Ermac Telekenetic2.jpg
I believe this was suppose to be an Alt costume to Quan Chi but i think it fits Ermac better
I used to just think he was alright, but that was before I was really into the series. Now, he's my #1. He has an awesome background, an awesome moveset, an awesome costume, and his voice and quotes are nice. Three thumbs up.