Ed Boon: "Guest characters very likely"

T-800 won't fit very well in my opinion. Only the first Terminator movie feels R rated while the sequels are pretty tame.

No, I'm not saying the Terminator will be a character in the game. Kickinwing suggested that the fake profiles are there as hints to a real character. Obama = Baraka, Terminator = A cyborg character

Also, Terminator 2 wasn't all that tame.
Except that Boon keeps referencing him on Twitter.
I could see him being in MKX, along with Fujin, Skarlet and Kenshi.
I just said he didn't belong. I never claimed Boon wouldn't do it. If it weren't for Boon pandering to all the silly Rain honks Rain never would have been anything but a joke in the UMK3 intro screen.
I just said he didn't belong, to me.

Fixed. :)

If it weren't for Boon pandering to all the silly Rain honks Rain never would have been anything but a joke in the UMK3 intro screen.

If it wasn't for Boon pandering to all the general MK fans, Scorpion and Sub-Zero (the 2 most iconic characters to the fans) wouldn't be in either and wouldn't have gained as much popularity as they have now.
What's your point?
Just because YOU don't like him, doesn't give you the right to poo poo others for liking him.
Not sure if anyone has said this one yet, but Ash Williams from Evil Dead would be a guest character I'd love! First variation would be "Farewell to Arms", Where it focuses more on chainsaw arm related attacks. "Yo, She-B****", with shotgun based attacks. And "Deadite Ash", where he's possessed and just goes freaking nuts. He could have a lot of trash talk during the match, his weapons would allow for some pretty gruesome Fatalities, and he could say "Groovy!" after every match he wins. Arguments are pretty much invalid at this point.
Sam Raimi would never allow Ash in Mortal Kombat. He didn't allow Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash to happen. Why he would allow him to be in MKX?
I would like to see Leatherface as a guest in MKX, he would fit in well in my opinion. He could have some very sick and gruesome fatalities, and he has a dangerous and brutal nature to him.
If WB is the one buying, then WB is the one calling the shots. Micro has no say about what WB can do with the PS version.
From what I remember reading, MS prefers if the Xbox version gets exclusives while the other versions don't. That could explain why MK9 and SFXT didn't get anything on the 360. Or why Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing got Banjo and Kazooie on the 360 while the PS3 version didn't get someone like Ratchet & Clank. Master Chief would have the best chance on being on the 360 and XO versions given that he's a very popular character and Halo 5 is coming out next year. Fulgore would be cool, but Master Chief is more popular and he would sell better.

If the Sony consoles get nothing then at least there will be a DLC guest fighter on both systems. Sweet Tooth would be pretty much given on the Sony consoles since Ed Boon hinted the idea a while back.
Microsoft are dicks. Always were. Always will be. Back to guests...

The Predator has an exactly 37,8% chance of being included (according to Ed). I think that is pretty accurate.
I guess Predator is own by Fox which makes his chances low. I wonder if Spawn has a chance or not? WB and Image have good history with each other since New Line made the Spawn movie back in 1997. If Spawn doesn't make it then I will be okay. I still bet that the DLC guest is another WB character.