Did Takeda's gameplay change your mind about the character

My first thought when I saw him: "Oh shit! How am I supposed to deal with this guy in an online match as Subby?". His whips will make it tough to close the distance on him.
do you think his whips are seen as limbs and can be hit/hurt like sf Dhalsim's limbs can? either ways it'll take some patience and mindgames to get in on a good Takada with his moveset.
I'm neither a fan of the outfit nor his dialogue. His Shirai Ryu and Lasher variations look pretty cool though. Ronin looks like a afterthought.
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The gameplay was impressive and I actually like the laser swords contrary to popular opinion. The only thing worse than his voice is his Johnny Cage wannabe one liners. His personality will keep me from playing as him other than to unlock his arcade ending. I will enjoy performing fatalities on this chump.
I don't hate Takeda but I don't like him either. He has potential of a hero but it's all up to NRS whether they want to change some of his basic design decisions and make him somehow a different character, or stick to the basic concept and add more stuff to the character.
At first I thought he was just going to be a throwaway character but had a good design but now he is forever going to be a top tier character and probably will come back for the next game. Takeda really needs to get revenge for his mother's death. That's talking to you Daegon. I am already ready for the next game.