Did Takeda's gameplay change your mind about the character

Yeah he looks great. His voice is terrible, but everything else about him looks like a ton of thought was put in.
As long as he keeps his mouth shut, he's cool. He's pretty annoying though. But as far as everything else, he looks really good. Definitely in my top 5 most anticipated characters to play as.
His entire appearance in the game changed my mind about him. When we first saw him from the comics, I was very worried he would either be a copy of Kenshi or a Scorpion wannabe.

But when we first saw him in the Story Trailer, I was positively surprised about how Takeda looked like. I was seriously like "Is THAT Takeda?". I like the Metal Gear/Ninja Gaiden stealth suit, very modern ninja look which I'm quite fond of. And we got a little glimpse of his gameplay with the whips, and since the whip is my favourite weapon of all time, it caught my interest immediately.

And now we've finally seen his Variations, and though his Shirai Ryu Variation has some Scorpion-like special moves, he's no wannabe. He's different and unique enough for that, and it pleases me greatly! I prefer his Lasher Variation from what we've seen so far, but all his Variations are rather cool. The Plasma Swords in his Ronin Variation were really unexpected, and they're kinda cool, but I'd stick to the whips. :p

After this, he will most likely be my main in MKX. D'Vorah, Cassie and Kitana are all up there as my favourites of this game, but after tonight's (tonight for me) stream, he took the #1 spot.

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He doesnt stand out very well, and the fact tuat his variations are so wildly different are going to keep that from happening. If it was just the whips, tuat might have been different, or just the light swords or something like that but he definitely is one of the flatter characters
You know I finally know who Takeda reminds me of Nightwing, both are confident, friendly, talented, and a little dorkly and both have the finest ass in their respected universe
I really was pleasantly surprised. I thought he was gonna be pretty generic, but I didn't expect the whips to be razored as well, I think he's awesome. He went from my least favorite newbie to my 2nd favourite. In a weird turn of events, I was pretty let down by Kung Jin. I just couldn't help but think he was very like Nightwolf
I love his gameplay and attitude but I'll likely be picking a different skin for him when they are available.
Yep, the gameplay sold me on him. He's definitely the first of the new characters I'll be trying.
Takeda looked OK in the story trailer, but seeing his 3 gameplay variations I was like "OMFG!"
Definitely made me want to try him out first, along with Ferra / Torr and Kotal Kahn.
His whips being able to reach varying distances means good options for close-up or keep-away footsies. :-D
I thought his gameplay and variations looked awesome. Not sure about the voice yet (the intros are always really quiet for me on streams, so it's hard to tell) but that's hardly a primary concern. I think I'll prefer his alt. costume (the Shirai Ryu one similar to Scorpion's) but aside from that I am very happy with him. He is certainly more impressive (IMO) than Kung Jin, and along with Kotal Kahn definitely my favourite new character so far.
His entire appearance in the game changed my mind about him. When we first saw him from the comics, I was very worried he would either be a copy of Kenshi or a Scorpion wannabe.

That was my initial opinion on him as well. I thought he was going to be a boring good guy with a goofy inspector gadget suit. Boy, was I wrong. Everything about him looks amazing. I just wish his metallic skull mask wasn't a variation piece. Something that awesome shouldn't be restricted to one variation.

Watching his gameplay had me like this.....


I'm impressed. He's definitely at the top of my day 1 main list. Kitana's Jingu skin might change my mind tho.

Kotal and Takeda are my 2 favorite newcomers by far. (excluding jason and predator ;))

Wow, it's like you knew this was coming.

Yes it has. I really didn't know what to think of him from his appearance and i figured being trained by Scorpion he would take on some of his fighting style but the Mechanical Device for his whips I didn't know how to take that. it make him look very disproportioned. But after seeing him play, i am more optimistic!