Cyber Smoke DLC Costume?

Which MK3 Cyber Ninja Skin Would You Rather Of Had?

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Yea some people can't just like Kira

Im fine with him being a DLC outfit, i can careless about him as a character, he would need a rehashed moves list anyway and i can already see the future.

Smoke Fans: "OMG Why even bring him in if your going to change him, he was fine the way he was, blah blah blah" yeah, alt outfit for human smoke being a cyborg im all for it.

If they bring him back, i just hope he loses the Harpoon and gets a new teleport attack, in this age of MK i think the differences matter a lot.
id rather he was not in this game at all...he doesnt fit in as a costume or as DLC
however he could be in the next one, maybe somehow still undergoing the lin-kuei transformation,
and then being available through the next game that way.
i really really doubt cyber smoke is gonna make an appearance in this game.

thats kinda wat cyber sub zero is for. basically you have to remember the story-line of this game is basically an altered timeline of the original story.

and in this ALTERNATE timeline sub zero becomes cyber rather than smoke. its just a story difference and unfortunately it makes me feel like we wont see cyber smoke because his role isnt part of this storyline.
I mean I understand he's not cyber now in this one....but come on he had the first unlockable character select icon ever in MK history. I think that deserves a costume :)

Plus you guys are right, money will be made so I'm sure we'll see it at sum point. Smoke was my main in MK3...wait I'm sorry he IS my main in MK3 lol.
Smoke was my main in MK3...wait I'm sorry he IS my main in MK3 lol.

The same with my, Smoke's best MK3 char. Damn, I hope they'll made both Smokes being cannon in the story, current (un)dead Human Smoke and Robo Smoke from the future.

I think we'll gain Robo Smoke if DLC is to be continued and he'll be the 4th of the serie to increase hype & speculations.
MK3 Cyber Smoke. As with the human forms of Cyrax and Sektor, they could altered Smoke's moves in his cyber form too.
I'll just repeat what I've been saying. Cyber Smoke WILL be a DLC character. That's so obvious... Idk why people keep talking about this costume thing. lol
I think, Human Smoke in MK9 is the best. I don't need his Cyber form again. I liked his original form and moves in MK9. If i want to play as Cyber Smoke, i prefer UMK3. Sektor's teleport, Scorpion's spear, Reptile's invisibilty.. yes he looks like a sub-boss in UMK3. Very good idea but not original. Also i don't need Sub-Zero's Cyber form. I am sure he will be human again for next MK game because, he is the one of the iconic characters. Cyber Sub-Zero just designed for MK9 because, NRS needs to be more attractive before it's released. Relax please.. Just play MK9..
I've been surprised to discover just how awesome Cyber Sub is, he's a really great addition to the cast IMO and I hope they keep him in future games. Cyber Smoke I couldn't care less about, I love human Smoke in MK9, he fulfills all my Smoking needs, I needs no more Smoke, both have great moves and play fantastically, what more could you want.