Cooking With Scorpion


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i havent been online in a while... so im catching up on all this stuff.

cooking with scorpion was great. i agree there should have been more things like it, but not just the same thing, like cooking with reptile... no. more original stuff. ha how about gardening with reptile. or drahmin's extermination co. or something different.

deceptions krypt was lame. if you ask me, none of the items in it were worth unlocking except the characters and alternate costumes. therefore if it were up to me all the crap in deceptions krypt would have been readily accesible and the costumes and characters should all have been unlocked in original ways of their own... like in the days of old.

Mk ninja9

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yeah, i remember it. the only really worthwhile thing to buy in the krypt in MKDA that i've seen so far. thanks for bringing back the memory, maybe i'll play some MKDA now.


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There's nothing wrong with a bumping a thread if you feel you have something to add to the conversation, but you're going a little nuts here today. I don't want to discourage you from posting, but try to at least the bumps to a minimum (they're pretty highly frowned upon).


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Is there any way from an admin's perspective to add a warning to posts made in threads that are more than 6 months to a year old saying something like "WARNING! You are bumping an extremely old thread!"...could that be possible? 'Cus it would be nice.