Confused about Injustice 2


Hope you all have been well. Haven't been online much since I moved to Florida but I did pick up Injustice 2 today and I have a few questions for anyone willing to help me out. I never even played the first one so excuse the n00bness of this post. The questions are as follows:

1. When you start a new game and try to do a versus battle, are there already custom items available to dress your character up with? If so, how do I select them in battle?

2. Where do I go to enter the code that I was given to unlock Darkseid?

3. Is there a tournament mode or ladder I can play to see individual character endings?

4. How do I initiate the "clash" mode?

5. Has the release date for the DLC pack with Sub-Zero been confirmed yet?

All of this stuff is completely new to me. I figured there would be some differences from MK9 and X in this, as it is a different game but, I didn't anticipate this stuff so any helpful answers you guys have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

1. You gotta go to Character Customize on the main menu to set up your loadout(gear). You obtain gear by unlocking them.

2. I think you have to enter that code in the PS Store.

3. I had a hard time with this as well. It's the Battle Simulator in the Multiverse section. You have to complete a few tutorial fights before you gain access to it.

4. Play the tutorial.

5. I'm not sure on the release date.