Composer says Final Fantasy 12 remaster is coming


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You'd think SE has enough on their plate with the huge bombs they dropped at E3 and other events throughout the past few months but it looks like they're far from finished…

Anyway it seems they want to continue with the HD nostalgia remaster train in order to wash that nasty taste of lightning from our mouths. I put in over 100 hours into FF12 on my fat ps2 before it finally stopped working :( so this is amazing news if true. I hoping SE includes the International version that only Japan received

Anywho.. here's the link about the remaster...
I'm glad they're doing an FFXII Remaster. Now I'm just waiting for the FFXI HD Remake to be announce. That game is superb. FFXIII was my favorite game for a while, but then I played FF6 which I feel is the best FF game so far.
They choose to remaster this game and not FF8 or FF9?

IMO Those games are from the ps1 era and need the ff7 remake treatment since the graphics don't hold up to todays standards. It seems that SE is starting from the ps2 era of ffs and working its way backwards (FFX and FFX2 HD for example). In FF12's case graphically it still looks amazing when cranked up on pc emulation. It's a given we will get these games eventually if everything goes according to plan.
I like the setting and look of FF8, but the gameplay was not something I care to revisit. The junction system was confusing to me at the time I played it, stocking up spells was a tedious process, and level scaling heavily favors the enemies.

Back to FF12, I'm hoping the International Version (or an option for both are included) as well. In the original version, the party members lacked a distinctive feel because they all had the same skills and equipment late game. Anyways, in my opinion I think FF12 had the best combat system in the series and transition between combat and exploration is more natural compared to the traditional random encounters.
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