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Hey was the video thread moved, unpinned or deleted? I can't find it anymore.

Looks like to was moved to MK general by accident when another thread was merged into it. Quite possibly I was the one who ****ed that up, I have no idea. It's back now, at any rate. :)
Sheng Sung:
9 Hits, 29%: B1, 2, 1, 4, Ground Skull (Far), EX Ground Skull (Far), Soul Steal. Requires a ton of timing and patience to pull it off, but looks really cool.

6 Hits, 25%: 3, D1, 2, EX Teleport. Requires a tiny bit of timing, but not much
7 Hits, 44%: 3, D1, 2, Smoke Cloud, X-Ray. Requires a bit of timing to ge the Smoke Cloud to actually juggle them.

Johnny Cage:
8 Hits, 28%: B3, B3, F3, 2, EX Flipkick (Wall). To use it w/o the wall, reduce the amount of B3 by 1.

Sub Zero:
9 Hits, 39%: 2, 1, 2, Iceball, Dash, 2, 2, X-Ray.

Will post a video of any of these if you guys request it.
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5 Hits, 30%: B1, 2, 4, EX Dash Punch
9 Hits, 25%: Ground Pound (close), 1, 1, EX Gotcha Grab (Wall)

Quan Chi:
9 Hits, 39%: B3, 3, Trance, 1, 1, 2, X-Ray. 52% if you use Skeletal Boost.
Cyber Sub-Zero
5 Hits, 42%: B3, 2, X-Ray
7 Hits, 48%: Ice Bomb (Close), 1, 1, 1, X-Ray (Wall). After you use the bomb, you have to be quick about using the 3 hit combo or you could shatter your opponent out of the bomb. The bomb is supposed to keep them unable to block your X-Ray.

6 Hits, 39%: 1, 2, B1, X-Ray
7 Hits, 30%: B2, 4, EX Teleport Uppercut, 1, 2, Flame Burner

7 Hits, 27%: 2, 1, 2, EX Apollo's Bow, Hermes Dash
10 Hits, 31%: 2, 1, 2, EX Apollo's Bow, EX Zues' Fury (Wall). You have to position yourself within sweeping distance in order to have the initial strike hit him.
Came up with a few tag combos for striker and kabal first two start with striker 8 hit 25% jump in punch,b1,2,tag,nomad dash,b1,2,tag 10 hit 34% jump in punch,b2,tag,nomad dash,tag,xray and 12 hit 29% starting as kabal jump in punch b1,2,1,nomad dash,d,b,tag,d,b,2 not much damage but look cool in action
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I found a good combo for...
Liu Kang: 10 hits 25%: Jump punch, 1,2,B+1, Bicycle Kick (or EX Bicycle Kick for 12 hits 29%)
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J.p 2,2,1, NET ,Teleport,J.p 2,2,EX Bomb,Medium Bomb,
uppercut,Backdash, back 2, Dash 2,EX Bomb, Dash 3, NET, Teleport,3,3, Ragdoll-74%
Mortal Kombat (9) Killer Kombos!!!!! Post your custom combo

I want to start a thread for us to share our favorite custom como. Here is mine for PS3

Legend 1= []; 2= /\; 3 = X; 4= O

1,1,2, teleport drop, ball roll, up+3,Leaping Neckbite (sub neckbite with x-ray for major damage)

Damage may very on difficulty.
Re: Mortal Kombat (9) Killer Kombos!!!!! Post your custom combo

1,1,2, teleport drop, ball roll, up+3,Leaping Neckbite (sub neckbite with x-ray for major damage)

Damage may very on difficulty.
Did you do this on practice where blocking is automatic? If not, the combo doesn't work. The hit ends after pressing 2 and doing the teleport.
Corner juggle for Sub Zero
best one i could come up with so far: Jump into 1 212 ice ball 1 222 9 hits 30%
I have yet to throw a Xray in to it :D
Not many listed for:

7 hits 30%: 3,D+1,2, Smoke cloud,1, Spin Kick

For more hits: 3,D+1,2, Smoke cloud,1,1,1, Smoke cloud
(less damage)
Yet another ermac combo here 61% 9 hits almost full charge b2,b1,force lift,jump kick,force port,xray. as a tip the key to this combo his holding back during the whole charge b2,b1part and without charging it lowers the damage to 55% and oddly enough a full charge lowers it down to 47% did some testing and in practice a perfect charge for this combo nets 9% damage on the first hit
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Re-posting this because i haven't seen you update it on the list.


8 Hits 27% Damage

Jump punch, 2, 1, 2, EX Teleport Slam

7 Hits 46% Damage

Jump punch, 2, 1, 2, X-Ray.
Quan Chi...dunno if its been posted, but..

10hit-29%(38% Power Boost)

41%(52% Power Boost)
My last post, I will just keep updating this one post with any future combos I discover:

10 hits, 44%: J2, J2, B2, 1,1,1, Spear, X-Ray (wall)
Hello lads and lasses (and mods)!

My 1st post here, so i thought i should be a little useful. Here are a few combos of my own. I have tested them many times and they work. Some of them though, require good timing.

9 hits - 47%: F Jump+2, F+2, Head of Helios, dash, F+4, 2, dash, F+4, 2(hold), 4
8 hits - 52%: F Jump+2, F+2, Head of Helios, dash, F+4, 2, Xray

Liu Kang
15 hits - 46%: F Jump+2, 1, 2, B+1, dash, 3, Xray, Bicycle Kick

Kung Lao
11 hits - 51%: Teleport+3, 1, 1, 2, Spin, Xray, F+3, Spin
9 hits - 40%: F Jump+1, B+1, F+1, Spin, F Jump+4, Dive Kick, D+2 (Wall)

10 hits - 49%: Bomb (medium), 2, 2, F+1, Net, B+2, dash, Xray

10 hits - 49%: F Jump+1, 3, D+1, 2, dash, 3, 2, Smoke Cloud, Xray

Sonya Blade
20 hits - 45%: Air Drop, 2, 1, Kart Wheel, dash, B+2, 1, F+2, 4, Xray

11 hits - 37%: F Jump+2, 3, 3, 4, 3, 3, 4, 3, 3, Electric Fly (Wall)

Edit: Here are some more combos that i found:

Noob Saibot
7 hits - 42%: F Jump+1, B+1, 2, 1, Xray

9 hits - 43%: F Jump+1, 1, 1, Spear, F+2, 1, Xray

Shang Tsung
7 hits - 43%: F Jump+2, 2, 2, 1, Xray

9 hits - 42%: F Jump+1, 1, 2, B+1, F+4, 4, EX Teleport Uppercut, EX Straight Missile

10 hits - 42%: F Jump+1, F+4, 1, dash, B+3, 3, Xray
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reptile combo 11 hit
1,2,2 fast acid ball,3,2,slow acid ball, 3,2,1 slide

12 hit
1,2,2 fast acid ball,3,2,slow acid ball,3,2; X-Ray (lt,rt)

my community service for the day
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Kung lau 65% 15 hits corner combo jumping punch,b1,f1,spin,jump kick,dive kick,jump kick,dive kick, xray,dash,uppercut and 45% 10 hit midscreen jump in punch,2,1,spin,bounce punch,enhanced hat throw,jump kick,enhanced dive kick
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