Baraka is badass in MK9. His alt is alright, I guess, but I like his primary outfit.
I like his gameplay and fatalities the most in that game. So brutal and fitting to his savage style. He should stop playing servitude and step up to become one of the main contenders, now that.....

Shao Kahn is finally gone in this version.
I gotta say I'm a little surprised to see Baraka is so popular despite being underused and considered so poor in this iteration. But at the same time I'm not surprised since he's such a badass character. :)
I was definitely hoping for a bone armor costume.

His MK:D Primary had spines holding it together, I thought that was the most badass thing I had ever saw.
He's like the wolverine of MK but with sharp teeth and really brutal moves. Although I personally don't like him, I know some people that do.
Ah, Baraka. One of my favorite characters, possibly my favorite. The sexiest man in gaming. I like to imagine him either in nothing but a speedo, or a leather coat. And just recently, I've grown fond of his pants in MK9.

He should have had his own chapter both in MK9 and MK vs DCU. I find his portrayal as an ineffective lackey forced and therefore refuse to take it serioulsly. I'm not asking them to make him the main character (not that I'd mind) but to give him a story that's just a little deeper than the henchman one. Or, if they want him to be an enforcer, make him an effective one at least. Let him kill someone such as Jax.

Oh, and I must add that his MK Gold voice was his best one imo, but I liked each of his voices.
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Baraka's one of the best MK characters. I love the Baraka-Mileena love/hate relationship. I always thought it was funny how they were always scheming to become king and queen.
Vicious. Absolutely vicious!

Baraka is the kombatant one would only come up with in nightmares. The teeth, arm spikes and blades make this guy on you don't want to mess with. The special moves aren't very creative. The only ones I like are the up and down rapid slices and the shard projectile.

His armor on MKD was cool because the shoulder straps are freaking spines! How menacing is that?
But I absolutely hated his appearance in the Mortal Kombat Anhilation movie. It didn't look like Baraka at all! I think his most menacing appearance was in MK vs DC (maybe because of his teeth being bigger). His ending in that game was understandable, and freaking scary as hell. I swear, that ending alone could be turned into a horror movie!

His kombat is formidable, but it's what drives his determination that's worthy of noting. His loyalty to his masters. and the unrestrained savagery is what pushes Baraka into kombat. Wait, what am I saying? It's not just Mortal Kombat, but an all-out massacre!

Then there's the perpetual smile. I don't know if it's the 3 inch teeth or he's always in an evily happy mood. Either one, it shows he means trouble. The arm blades are the best part, as well as his signature feature. What always gets me however is the logic of how those blades fit in his arms while they're retracted. Seriously... how?!

In my opinion, tarkatan scares me more than shokan, and Baraka's probabley the scarriest of them all.
Baraka has easily become my favorite (and main) character in MK9, hands down. In my opinion, he is the most savage character in the game. His fatalities (especially Take A Spin) are the most brutal in the entire game, as they should be. Also, his Xray, although being pretty damn close to being a fatality, is a stunning achievement.

Which got me thinking about Baraka.. Why doesn't he ever use his freakish teeth in a fight? So I thought up an Xray attack (or Fatality ;-)).

  • Make it a defensive counter (think Johnny Cage).
  • When the opponent attacks High/Mid, Baraka deflects the move with both bladed arms in an upward clockwise circular motion. Immediately his blades retract before he comes back up with his arms and hits the opponent on both sides of their mid abdomen.
  • Then INSTANTLY the camera zooms in and his blades pierce through the flesh (with the xray you see all the vital organs being punctured in an "X" fashion).
  • Baraka then picks up the screaming opponent, pulls them in closer to his face only to bite down on their neck/chest area, tearing out a huge nasty chunk of meat (you see the xray of the tendons and muscle tissue being ripped out).
  • Baraka then spits the torn flesh in the opponents face and
  • Finishes by headbutting the opponent down as the same time his blades retract from the opponents mid abdomen.

Historically, Baraka is a beast, and always will be. All-in-all, I'm glad to see him become a force to be reckoned with in MK9. And I'd only hope he continues down that path of terrifying brutality. He deserves it.
Baraka is amazing :D his Xray kick's ass in mk9.

However ONE thing i don't get is why does he not use his teeth like mileena does. He could rip a head off easily with those teeth. :D