Anyone hit the Gamestop tourneys last night?

I did and I came in 3rd. I was way beyond drunk though. I had a great time, but I am so hung over today.
I played a couple people. I accidently chose Stryker and Kabal in tag team and lost horribly against someone using Scorpion and Sub-Zero. I DID however get to rip Reptile in half when I played as Noob Saibot. Oh yeah! My Gamestop had a raffle thing going on, the winner would get a free copy of Mortal Kombat. I won. I gave that copy to my neighbor who loves Mortal Kombat, but couldn't afford it at the time. He was really grateful, its not everyday someone just walks up to you and hands you a copy of Mortal Kombat for free. Plus, I already had my Kollector's Edition. So yeah, my Mortal Kombat experiences have been really good. ^_^
I lost the first round

but the gamestop dudes were gay and didn't let us press start to see the move list

so basically i was just punching the whole damn fight
The tourney at the gamestop I went to was lame.
They didnt even tell us it was a tourney at the time, they just said you want
to try out the game before midnight. So we all played, less than an hour later
they tell us to wait outside til midnight. When we finally get the game,
we ask when does the tournament start, they said when you guys played earlier
that was the tournament :/...we didnt even know lol
I was also surprised on the low outcome of people who showed up to get MK,
considering this is a gamestop in Hollywood, CA.
Most people was there to get Portal 2, so the few us that got MK played them
and played random one on one matches.

The time we played though, I used Cyrax, Sindel, Smoke, and Sheeva.
Did best with Cyrax, did a few babalities and everyone was surprised lol. Sindel I did ok with. Smoke was to fun. Sheeva was REALLY slow and I got destroyed by Sonya and Scorpion.
I wanted to try out Jade but ran out of time lol.
went to mine and got first :D alrdy paid for my copy of the game so they gave me a tekken 6 limited edition box lol, gf plays tekken so i got that
I wish I could have went my brother and I are about even in terms of skill so I know it would have been us in the would have been epic
Looks like I'm gonna have to run another Mk tournament myself if I want one I talked to some local guys about running one on the same night as the SF4 event and I was very snobbishly rebuffed