Animality: Major flop or lazyness?

Faithful said:
Amongst others. I'd prefer to see Sheeva's Scorpion or Cyrax's Shark. My personal favorite and always a pleasure to execute. I'd love to see Tanya get ting destroyed by a shark. Or Jax's head getting cut off by Sektor's bat. I might even go as far as wanting to see Stryker's T-Rex :lol:

Truly a pity they didn't last long in the serie.

This post just sounds so wrong.
I thought they were lame. Some just didn't make sense, I mean, Scorpion turning into a penguin? Wow....
it certainly was different the choices made for the characters but on the whole it just offered another avenue to try. most were crap but then again the gameplay back then was solid. the newer games arent as good in gameplay yet have advanced in fatality technology and execution so an animality now would look great, but i fear at the price of a great fighting system.
You guys recall Scorpions "Giant Scorpion" in MK4/Gold?

That is what animalities should have looked like. All of the animalities could have been digitised for realism, even Strykers T-Rex. The thing is they looked "Drawn In" and so unrealistic. Cyrax Shark was cool and imagine if they used a real digitised Shark, how good that would have looked?

Zen hit the nail on the head; "most were crap but then again the gameplay back then was solid"
i forgot all about that fatality scorpion had. that was wicked. really well executed to in the way it grabbed your legs with the pincers and then drove the tail sting into your torso. i think liu kangs dragon fatality was the best also in mk4.
Agreed. Scorpions Scorpion fatality was very brutal and very gruesome. You could even hear the snaping sounds of his victims. And Liu Kangs Dragon in MK4 would have made a good Animality, dude.
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Liu Kang had his dragon since way back in MKII. His was the original. And I still say it was the only one worth a damn. I could never pull off Scorpion's MK4 Scorpion fatality...
that was the one thing with MK4's execution of fatalities, they were hard as shit. u had to hold a heap of buttons for some just to get them to work. i could never get Quan Chi's leg grab and bash move to work.

slightly on topic still, remember the sequence for Jax's quad slam in mk4, i never bothered as it was almost like learning japanese.
K1LLKANO said:
Are animalities even feasible (in a cinematic way) in the 3d world?

It's easy to morph something in 2d, you just blend one image into the next until you have the desired outcome.

In 3d, to do it properly, you would have to change the skeletal structure for the model in each frame to change the shape of the character. A lot of work.

I'm guessing they would use the lame explosion, replace one model with the other in a cloud of smoke effect if they were to ever introduce animalities back into the MK world. That to me, doesn't cut it.

While they were a fan tribute to rumors of Sub-Zero turning into a polar bear in MKII and a unique and cool addition to MK3/UMK3, they really didn't fit, like DCR said.

I'm glad they did them for one game, but glad they haven't done them since.

I totally agree with you K1LLKANO

Replies like this aren't necessary as they add nothing to the discussion. That's fine if you want to say you agree with someone, but at least elaborate on your thoughts and give your post a bit of value.

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