Animality: Major flop or lazyness?


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Animality in Mortal Kombat 3 was awesome. Showing mercy to your opponent then changing into some wild beast to destroy them. It was fun in 2D and I'm pretty sure it would look awesome in 3D! I can only imagine Sindel changing into a pissed-off Butterfly or Liu Kang in an immense Dragon. They didn't make it very far, was it because it was a flop with the fans or because the programmers got lazy?

Babality and Friendship are understandable as they don't really fit MK's brutal finishers but Animality? They really didn't have any reason UNLESS something happened in the story or they're just lazy....or got replaced. In my opinion, Animality should have remained...except without having to show Mercy.
I was never able to perform the Animalities. Maybe that's why they're gone, because most of the people couldn't figure out how to do them. and even if they could, it was on certain circumstances that it had to be done. Therefore, Animalities were by far too complicated and that may be way they are gone.
The Animalities were not hard to perform, they were just like any other fatalities: Push certain buttons in a certain order.

The circumstances for the Animality were the hard part. Each player had to win one match, the one who wanted to perform the animality must win the final match without using guard, must show Mercy(button input) to his opponent, knock down the remaining low health of the Mercy THEN input the Animality command. But nothing kept them for changing the way the Animalities are performed. I think it's more lazyness than anything.

With 60 characters, that would have meant 60 different animals, 60 different inputs, 60 new animations and 60 new way to kill someone. In my eyes, the time it would have taken to create them would have been well worth it.
Darth Sadistic said:
They should bring it back just for Kitana's Bunny Rabbit Animality. :lol:

Amongst others. I'd prefer to see Sheeva's Scorpion or Cyrax's Shark. My personal favorite and always a pleasure to execute. I'd love to see Tanya get ting destroyed by a shark. Or Jax's head getting cut off by Sektor's bat. I might even go as far as wanting to see Stryker's T-Rex :lol:

Truly a pity they didn't last long in the serie.
I hated them. They were kinda fun the first time to do, but them, along with babities, were just naff.

Still on a brighter note... At least the computer didn't use them against you.
The Babalities and Friendship were just silly, I'll admit that much. But Animalities were great. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so it's yours to dislike.

And it's true that they rarely ever used them because I don't think they were programmed to show Mercy.
Animalities, in my opinion, were a good idea with poor execution. The animations were crap, the deaths were generic and unimaginative, and the overwhelming majority of them just didn't make any sense whatsoever in relation to the characters they were performed by.

I'd be for bringing them back only if they do them right and don't give one to everybody in the lineup. They should only be done as surprises for a select few characters, like Liu Kang's dragon in MK2 and Scorpion's scorpion in MK4 (Scorpion turning into a Scorpion makes sense, Sheeva turning into one doesn't).
I suppose restricted animalities would be cool. Only those who makes sens should have them. Cyrax and a shark was interesting but really, really, weird. And Stryker's T-Rex was just ridiculous.

So, I agree that they should give animalities to those 'worthy' of having one because the animal actually matches the character.
I would actually like to see them too. I hated them, but at the same time miss them.

As for new ones - I can understand Nitara having a bat animality... Fujin a bird... Raiden a electric eel. Kahn, Q-Chi, Tshang and others of that strength having one... But others like Sonya, Jax and co don't really need one.
I think it's because they wanted to reduce the number of finishers. After all, the Animalities were just meant to make the life of MK3 grow...
I would like to see animalities in MK:A. I don´t know if I would do them that much, but everything more in the game is just good thing! :-D
While I would love to see animalities return for MKA. And all in glorius 3D with totally revamped graphics to do them justice. I highly doubt we will see them, in this game at least. I think that Boon & team have crammed enough goodies into this game to last most hardcore gamers at least a year to enjoy the online and tilt value of the game.

Maybe in the next generation MK titles we will see the return of not only Animalities, but also Friendships and whacky babalities. I enjoyed those finishers for the FUN factor.

Baby Sheeva was sooooo ugly [sorry lovecowboy]
Ever since Annihilation I have had a absolute hatred of animalities in all forms. I think animalities got bundled in the Babality/friendship basket, fairly or unfairly I don't know but i think it would be pointless to revisit them.
ANimalities were cool because it was a tribute to fan rumors, i believe. Brutalities were just pure laziness
Are animalities even feasible (in a cinematic way) in the 3d world?

It's easy to morph something in 2d, you just blend one image into the next until you have the desired outcome.

In 3d, to do it properly, you would have to change the skeletal structure for the model in each frame to change the shape of the character. A lot of work.

I'm guessing they would use the lame explosion, replace one model with the other in a cloud of smoke effect if they were to ever introduce animalities back into the MK world. That to me, doesn't cut it.

While they were a fan tribute to rumors of Sub-Zero turning into a polar bear in MKII and a unique and cool addition to MK3/UMK3, they really didn't fit, like DCR said.

I'm glad they did them for one game, but glad they haven't done them since.