Angry Joe's 19 min. MK Review

I disagree with him when it comes to concept art as extras. Not only do I enjoy art, I also like seeing how process that creators go through to design their characters, environments, etc. The art direction for games don't come out of the blue, a lot of ideas are thrown around until the development team gets into a consensus to how their game play and design characters and environments around it.
IGN ,gamespot on your knees and baow to angery joe he seems to know way more about games then the people that are paid to.
Excellent review. This guy is enthousiastic but isn't afraid to bring attention to some of the flaws as well. And like he says, the good far outweighs the bad in this game.
I just got done watching the whole review. Pretty nice review. This is one of my favorites reviews of this game that I've seen yet.