An Emerging Warrior Spirit: Li Mei, the Ghost of Sun Do

Phantomess of the Fallen Village

For the next 500 years, the young Li Mei had trained vigorously with Bo Rai Cho in Earthrealm, both of the two returning to Outworld periodically after each Mortal Kombat tournament had finished. Li Mei endured intense training, but as a result, she was able to achieve levels of strength that she thought to be impossible for a person like her. Bo Rai Cho had given her the powerful and holy sword used by her mother, Fei Yen, in life called the Kunlun Dao, which he had in his possession ever since the death of Fei Yen. She used it along with her combat training to slay the evil that ruled over the numerous small civilizations of Outworld during her time there. Bodies of dismembered Shokan, Tarkatans, Centaurs and other Outworld races piled and added up over the centuries, while the villagers themselves remained unharmed, leaving the empire of Shao Kahn clueless as to what the culprit of these random slayings were. Rumors began to spread around the realm that Fei Yen had returned from death seeking vengeance against the empire, as those who claimed to see the person behind the slayings claimed that her appearance was similar to Fei Yen's. Li Mei, who had decided to use her strength to continue her mother's legacy to overthrow the rule that Shao Kahn had on the realm of the Shao Kahn, had restored the hope lost so many years ago collectively by Outworld citizens. They began to cheer on the Ghost of Sun Do and laud her accomplishments amongst each other. The various citizens of Outworld had even given this mysterious warrior (in actuality Li Mei) a nickname: The Ghost of Sun Do, a warrior soul returning from the dead to right the wrongs commited upon her and her family. Reiko himself, who had gotten his arm reattached by Shang Tsung, began to speculate the truth: that maybe Li Mei herself was behind the killings and not her mother as the rest of Outworld speculated, remembering the sudden strength that Li Mei showed during their first encounter. He was not able to confirm his suspicions, as he was immediately imprisoned in Shao Kahn's dungeon for centuries as punishment for failing to subdue the enemy.

As time went on, Li Mei became concerned with the possibility of Earthrealm being conquered by Shao Kahn, not wanting to see her second homerealm suffer the same rate as Edenia did. After all, Li Mei is 1/4 Edenian, considering that her father Jinhai was half-Edenian and her mother was a full-blooded Outworlder. She did realize however that she could not participate in the tournament and fight in the name of Earthrealm, considering the fact that she is native to Outworld, so she continued to focus on her home realm instead.

Her chance to fight for Earthrealm had finally come when Shao Kahn and his minions had invaded Earthrealm. Rain and Reiko, the latter of which was released from his incarceration about a century ago, had attacked the large village that Li Mei and Bo Rai Cho had resided in. They were searching for a blind swordsman, one who had defeated Reiko in combat at the Outworld Mortal Kombat tournament. They tried to force two villagers, a mother with a toddler son, into answering his whereabouts, with death as their only other option. Li Mei, who had just walked out of the door of her small house, took notice, and rushed over to their location. As the two villagers were uncooperative, Reiko was about to kill the mother with his dagger when Li Mei interrupted and smacked the dagger out of his hand in time. Reiko, shocked, looked up to see a very familiar figure urging the villagers to flee while they can. As the two of them escaped, Li Mei unsheathed the sword on her left hip before turning around to see Reiko and Rain staring at her. Rain in particular had taken notice of Li Mei's sword, mentioning that it looked like the same sword that Fei Yen used to battle with. Not recognizing her at first, he questioned why someone was able to get a sword like that in their possession, when Reiko stated it was the same girl who tore off his arm so many years ago, the daughter of the man he slayed years ago as well. Rain then went on to ask who Li Mei was. Li Mei simply tells them that she is the daughter of Fei Yen, the Ghost of Sun Do.

Rain and Reiko are shocked, Rain in particular remembering that she was the same obnoxious little girl from the forest that Fei Yen died to protect...
I stood up at the end of this amazing movie. :congrats:

Metal this is by far your greatest work and its your second fic! Great job Metal :top:
Update of Chapter 1 is up now, go check out the OP!

Also, here's a little somethin' I whipped up while rewriting the first chapter that ties into the prequel fanfic:

It is the middle of the night. Jinhai wakes up from his sleep... but strangely, he is standing yet he is unable to move or speak. He notices that it is completely dark where he is, until he sees a beautiful, glimmering woman in front of him. The woman stares directly at him while tears fall from her eyes. This allows Jinhai to move his head around. The tears that glisten in the darkness reveal the body of an adolescent girl that rested next to Jinhai's feet. She has burn marks decorated all over her body. The tears that formed from the woman's face turns into raindrops as she fades away. The long hair that obscured the girl's face, and the patterns of her clothing looked suspiciously familiar...

Suddenly, Jinhai wakes up again but this time he is able to move around. He realizes that what had just happened was a dream and quickly looks over to Li Mei, still in a deep sleep. Breathing a sigh of relief, he slowly walks over to her, not wanting to wake up, and gives her a light kiss on the cheek, smiling while doing so. He then quietly says sorry to Fei Yen before making his way out of the house...
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I have said this once and I will say this a thousand times if I have too but this fanfic was genuis, great job Metal :congrats: