An Emerging Warrior Spirit: Li Mei, the Ghost of Sun Do

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Sun Do, a humble southeastern village, has perhaps the most well-known history in all of Outworld, as the now-defunct Edenian Resistance force was once stationed here. 9,500 years ago, the Edenian Resistance was formed after Shao Kahn's conquer of Edenia by the remaining Edenian survivors, and directly opposed Shao Kahn's rule over the realm of Outworld since then.

Led by the Edenian Resistance was a beautiful and wise woman native to Sun Do named Fei Yen, who was known to be the most powerful warrior of Outworld. The emperor himself was even shown to praise and respect her for her power in their many battles, saying that even the Dragon King would have seen her as a formidable threat to his rule. She combined spiritual power surpassing that of the fallen gods of Outworld legend with grace and fluidity in battle that was truly one-of-a-kind compared to the barbaric nature of most of the Outworld warriors. Due to living for over 10,000 years and still retaining the appearance of a woman in her prime and only a quarter of the way through her overall lifetime, it is speculated that at some point, she somehow found a way to stop herself from aging completely.

She had an incredible desire to purge her realm of the evil that Shao Kahn's empire represents, as she was known to suffer great hardships due to Shao Kahn's affairs before the conquering of the realm of Edenia that eventually led her to join and lead the Edenian Resistance. 500 years ago however, just as she found the perfect time to strike the empire, she along with the resistance force all eventually met their unfortunate demise due to a mysterious and powerful sorcerer, who used his shape-shifting powers to manipulate and destroy the proud rebels from inside out. Rumor has it that one of Fei Yen's youngest pupils, an Edenian warrior with the power to control weather who is now an enforcer of Shao Kahn's rule, was the one to slay her in battle.

She left behind a family that consisted of her husband Jinhai and her daughter Li Mei. Jinhai was a member of the Edenian Resistance during their last years, but he along with others in his home village of Sun Do now reluctantly work for Shao Kahn as weaponsmiths of Hell's Foundry after Fei Yen's death. Fei Yen was idolized by Sun Do inhabitants and other good people of Outworld for being the greatest and best hope for an Outworld free of oppression and evil, but after her death, these people including Jinhai collectively lost hope and are now allied with their former sworn enemies as a means of providing for and protecting their families.

Both Jinhai and Li Mei are still alive even today as Shao Kahn prepares for another Mortal Kombat tournament in the realm of Earth. The aforementioned sorcerer who has the ability to shape-shift had lost the previous tournament to an Earthrealm warrior who goes by the name of Kung Lao, but Shao Kahn is looking to rectify this mistake this time around by recruiting warriors from all over the vast realm of Outworld. Two warriors in particular he has in mind are Jinhai and the Shokan prince Goro, both of whom he has great confidence in...

Chapter 1: Reminiscence

A peaceful and lighthearted late afternoon in Sun Do betrays the thick fog that envelopes the village, as the villagers are all outside carrying out their daily routines and holding casual conversations amongst each other. Large mountains surround the small village and the main entrance is located to the northeastern portion of the village. A tall, fair-skinned and well-built middle aged man, in actuality Jinhai, makes his way through the main entrance. As he had just returned from his work as a weaponssmith, Jinhai is covered in sweat and blisters all over his hands.

He wipes some of the sweat from his forehead and walks towards the middle of the town, where a stone statue of Fei Yen resides. As he walks up to it, he looks at his surroundings, smiling to himself at the warmth and friendliness displayed at the villagers. Finally arriving at the statue, Jinhai stops, closes his eyes and bends down on one knee, paying respects to his deceased wife by having a moment of silence for her.

As he stays there in silence, Jinhai starts to have memories of his life with Fei Yen, more specifically a vivid memory of him and Fei Yen in the local grass fields observing a younger Li Mei together. Li Mei stares at the familiar pink sky, observing the dragons and other winged creatures flying in the distance. Hoping that she could knock one of them out of the sky, Li Mei picks up a nearby rock and launches it into the air. Her wide-eyed stare quickly turns into a look of disappointment and a sigh as the rock simply drops back down to the ground, the dragons remaining unharmed, causing both Fei and Jinhai to let out a warm and hearty laughter.

Li Mei then turns around to Fei and requests to ask something to her. Fei Yen responds yes. Li Mei then looks down for a moment and then looks back up to her mother. She then goes on to ask her mother if she can become strong someday, as strong as her. Fei walks up to her daughter, bends down and places her hand on Li Mei's right shoulder, smiling while telling gher she believes that she is already stronger than any other person.

The memory then fades out in favor of another memory, this time much more vague than the previous one. It is dark and raining hard outside as an older Li Mei and Jinhai are both in a remote location, apparently unable to pass through a wall of transparent light of some sort. Li Mei is shown crying and pounding on the wall of light as Fei Yen slowly walks away from the two. Jinhai himself is shown to be visibly shocked and speechless by whatever is happening in his memory.

Just as tears start to form in both of Jinhai's eyes, a nearby woman's voice is heard. She calls out to him, calling him father. Jinhai, recognizing the voice, turns around immediately.

The woman is revealed to be none other than his now fully grown-up daughter Li Mei and a young boy accompanying her. Jinhai greets Li Mei as he starts to recognize her now. He stands up to face her while Li Mei walks up to embrace him. Li Mei greets him as well as she smiles, and then her father comments on how much she’s grown over the years, saying that it is getting harder to recognize her by the day. Jinhai then notices the young boy by Li Mei's side and asks her about him. Li Mei introduces him to her father, telling him that his name was Jianyu. She explains that she has been teaching him to do practical work around the village, and he’s been with her all day. She thought it would be best to take him with her this time instead of leaving him by himself in the fields. Kneeling down to him, she tells him that he should head back home to his grandmother as she is probably worried about him. Jianyu simply nods his head and runs off.

After seeing him off, Li Mei turns back to her father and tells him that she has something important to talk to him about. She goes on to say that Shang Tsung and a few bodyguards paid a visit to the village earlier in the day, and that they came to her and asked where Jinhai was. She responded that he was still working in the foundry and that he wouldn’t be back here until later on in the day. Shang Tsung then said that they came because they had some private matters to discuss with Jinhai and then left, not coming back since then. Jinhai thinks for a moment, and then says that if Shang Tsung wanted to talk to him personally, then it would most likely have to deal with his participation in the upcoming Mortal Kombat tournament.

Li Mei, curious, asks him why he would think such a thing. He explains that there is a rumor of the emperor looking for warriors all over the realm to fight against the powerful Earthrealm warriors, and that since Kahn knows of his accomplishments as a weapons smith, he would consider Jinhai to be useful in the tournament, even going to say that he might be considering doing the same with the other villagers working as weaponssmiths.

He says that he doesn’t want to have any part in Kahn’s conquering over another realm, but he then states that if he refused, then there would be no way of telling what Kahn would do to him afterwards. He reasons that Shao Kahn may have let the two of them live for this long, but he isn’t the type of person that would take no for an answer.

Li Mei, puzzled, asks her father if he is absolutely certain about everything he just said. With a look of assurance painted on his face, Jinhai responds that there is nothing else that this could mean, and that even if it is different from what he thinks, that it is still worthy of real concern. He thinks to himself for a few moments and then finally comes to a conclusion...

He says that tomorrow he is going to visit to Shang Tsung's palace; although he is still uncertain of whether he should participate in the tournament or not, he hopes that discussing things with Tsung tomorrow will provide him with solid answers. Although he was able to go there right then and there, he wanted to get some rest first before going there, wanting to think things through and not make any rash decisions.

Jinhai asks Li Mei to look after the village in his absence, to which she confirms. The two then decide to walk back home with each other, Jinhai eager to rid himself of the blisters on his hands and indulge himself with the leftover Outworld liquor. Li Mei simply chuckles and tells her father that he hasn't changed a bit over all these years as they approach their house.
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Re: Li Mei fanfic (don't know wth to call this, honestly)

There's only one word I have to say about this

Brilliant, fudging brilliant, good job Metal
Re: Li Mei fanfic (don't know wth to call this, honestly)

Way to lay a foundation for a story. You establish the plot, now all you have to do is establish that meat :twisted:
Re: Li Mei fanfic (don't know wth to call this, honestly)

The music was perfect. I'm surprised I've never found it myself.

I really enjoyed the story. A bit of dialogue was off putting to me, but the majority I liked. Seemed to be more about Li Mei's family rather than her though. You're great with setting the scene. I could see everything so vividly.
Re: Li Mei fanfic (don't know wth to call this, honestly)

This was great, I hope you are going to continue this. You did a good job of giving the back story in this chapter and the prologue.
Re: Li Mei fanfic (don't know wth to call this, honestly)

My only problem is the title, and the Dialogue lol.

Why are you so concerned about Li Mei's character when it's only chapter one? You have plenty of time to build her and other characters along the way in each chapter you bring, and don't say you're disappointed in your writing.. If it's not up to your standards either edit it to turn it into something you enjoy reading or don't post it at all.

Fan Fic > Life.
Re: Li Mei fanfic (don't know wth to call this, honestly)

Li Mei is in bed now as her eyes slowly start to open. It is the morning as she lifts up out of the bed and stretches. While walking around her house, she notices that her father is not there at all with her. Assuming that he had already left for Shang Tsung's palace, Li Mei decides to prepare for her daily tasks.

She opens up the door and walks outside to a cloudy day in Outworld, observing the sky for a moment. Unaware of what's about to come before her, she smiles while looking up, thinking that today would be another calm and lighthearted day. Her moment of peace is violently interrupted by the sound of a little boy violently coughing and crying. Catching her attention, she quickly looks down to discover one of the most painful sights she would ever see in her lifetime...

The boy, revealed to be Jianyu, is shown to be limping in pain, bleeding profusely from the chest down with a deep stab wound in his lower chest area. The tears that stream down from his eyes only seem to intensify when he sees Li Mei.

Li Mei, utterly devastated by what she sees, runs to the mortally wounded Jianyu's side. With tears running down her face, Li Mei embraces him, as he collapses into her arms. Coughing up blood and on the brink of death, he uses all of his remaining strength to tearfully explain the entire situation to Li Mei, saying that he walked outside to discover every single villager dead. He went on to say that the Tarkatan warriors that slayed them all were still there looking for Li Mei, and that when asked, he and his grandmother refused to tell them where Li Mei's whereabouts were. He said that as retaliation, they killed his grandmother. He tried to attack them in his anger and for that, one of the Tarkata stabbed him with one of their blades.

In his haste to protect Li Mei, Jianyu told them that she had already left the village to go find her father. Convincing them, the Tarkata left the village to go search for her. He made sure to stay there and act as if he was unable to move so that they wouldn't see him leaving, and therefore be suspicious of where he was going, before he came to Li Mei.

He says that he was a fool for attacking them and that he wished he would have lied to them sooner so that he could be alive and stay with Li Mei. Li Mei tells him that he wasn't a fool for sacrificing himself to save her own life, and that she'll always remember that. With his last breath, Jianyu thanks Li Mei for all she had done for him and that he was happy he got to see her one last time. Li Mei tearfully says goodbye to the young boy as the life in his eyes fades away completely, the warmth in his body giving way to the coldness of death's grip upon his soul.

Li Mei now weeps silently for the now-deceased Jianyu, cradling his lifeless body in her arms. Taking a moment to think about what she'll do with his body, she then decides to bury him alongside his grandmother near his house to honor their memory. Having had her mind set on this, she closes Jianyu's eyes shut, stands up and walks towards the eastern portion of the village, where Jianyu and his grandmother resided.

As she walks, the composure that she barely held quickly turns into uncontrollable sobs as her mind wanders into places most unpleasant, haunted by the memory of another loved one in her past that she was unable to protect. She thinks about her mother, and a moment early in her life where she and her mother were at home. Normally, it would be her father that would be home with her while her mother was away with the Edenian Resistance, but on this particular day, her father was out working in the fields while her mother stayed home, wanting to spend some leisure time with her beloved family.

Li Mei and her mother were folding clothes when Li Mei asked why her mother wanted to slay the emperor so much, why was it so important to her to overthrow his empire. Her mother simply tells her that her reasons why are too complicated for sensitive and young ears, and that she would tell her why when she grew older. Li Mei then asks her that if she got strong enough and old enough to understand, would she ever let her fight alongside her. Li Mei's flashback slightly blurs as her mother is shown smiling, telling Li Mei that she'll answer that as well as when she grows up.

The memory then ends there, and the present-day Li Mei is shown to still have tears in her eyes while carrying little Jianyu. A glazed, almost innocent look in her eyes develops when she sees the stone statue of her mother slowly creeping up the distance. She is soon to be having another flashback, and like with Jinhai before her, she is reflecting on a more vague memory of her in the same dark and remote location, pounding on the transparent wall structure of light that prevents her from catching up with her mother, this time in her perspective. As rain pours down and lightning lights up the pitch black sky, Fei Yen is shown looking back at Li Mei, telling her that what's she's doing is for the best and that she can't allow her loved ones to interfere, before walking off into the distance.

The present day Li Mei then snaps out of her flashback, remembering that she still has to bury the bodies. A truly unpleasant and gruesome sight, she sees the body of Jianyu's grandmother as she approaches the house. She had slash marks all over her body. Blood from the wounds seeped from her clothes to the grass her body rested on. Next to her however was a makeshift gardening tool perfect for digging up soil. Li Mei gently lays Jianyu's body next to his grandmother's and goes on to pick up the tool.

It takes some time, but Li Mei finally gives the bodies an improper burial. She bids her final farewell to the two and pays respect to them before leaving.

As she leaves the house, she sees the bodies of the other villagers sloppily laid out across the now ominously silent village, the blood splatter that decorated the houses and stained the soil of the ground. Some of the bodies were dismembered, others had slash wounds and stab wounds, some were even without a head. Li Mei herself is unable to avert her eyes from the bloodbath, despite how much it hurts her to see her former neighbors in such conditions.

She decides to sit near the front of her mother's statue, uncertain of what to do next. She wonders how anyone could be so cruel enough as to slaughter innocent villagefolk, and why they decided to kill them in the first place. She wants to avenge their deaths but as just an average Outworlder with no combat skills, Li Mei is unable to contend with bloodthirsty warriors such as the Tarkata. She starts to tear up when she reasons that if her mother were still with her, Jianyu, the grandmother and the rest of the villagers would all still be alive. She believes that she is only a shallow husk of her mother and her great strength and confidence in life, making her sob even more and wishing that her mother were still alive.

All this is interrupted when she sees green orbs of light flying above her. Noticing this, she is puzzled by the fact they are all travelling towards the same direction. Looking over that way, she sees that the orbs of light are all flying to the hand of a withered old man in fashionable attire. The elderly man has a bright green aura surrounding him, and an utterly sinister smile of satisfaction painted on his face. With him was a masked warrior that looked like he had reptilian features on his face.

Li Mei stood up and faced the two, having no doubts to who those people were...
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Re: Li Mei fanfic (don't know wth to call this, honestly)

Good stuff, very emotional.

I honestly think you go without dialogue in this story because you're so good at describing the scene.
Re: Li Mei fanfic (don't know wth to call this, honestly)

My only problem is the title, and the Dialogue lol.

Why are you so concerned about Li Mei's character when it's only chapter one? You have plenty of time to build her and other characters along the way in each chapter you bring, and don't say you're disappointed in your writing..

If it's not up to your standards either edit it to turn it into something you enjoy reading or don't post it at all.

Fan Fic > Life.
I know that I have plenty of time to develop her, but I don't think I gave her a very good first impression with the dialogue

Oh, and the fact that I'm almost never satisfied with my work is what drives me to write fanfic in the first place

I don't think you realize that I was very serious when I said before that I need to be able to feel like I can improve my writing

But yeah, like I said, thanks, you made me realize that I don't need dialogue in my shit, so for real, appreciate it

This was great, I hope you are going to continue this. You did a good job of giving the back story in this chapter and the prologue.
Thanks, yeah, that was my exact goal for the 1st chapter, setting everything up before getting into the real plot

The music was perfect. I'm surprised I've never found it myself.

I really enjoyed the story. A bit of dialogue was off putting to me, but the majority I liked. Seemed to be more about Li Mei's family rather than her though. You're great with setting the scene. I could see everything so vividly.
Thanks so much, yeah, I wasn't crazy about the dialogue either. Wasn't my strong point in the Reiko fanfic, definitely wasn't in this one either. I guess I don't need to include dialogue like Vital just said as I feel a lot more comfortable with writing the story when I don't include it

About it seeming like it's more about the family itself, that's true, but I'm planning on shifting the focus to Li Mei in later chapters

There's only one word I have to say about this

Brilliant, fudging brilliant, good job Metal
Aww thanks Yantja

Way to lay a foundation for a story. You establish the plot, now all you have to do is establish that meat :twisted:
Hell yeah
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Re: Li Mei fanfic (don't know wth to call this, honestly)

Damn Metal, that was depressing as funk, but still awesome.
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Re: Li Mei fanfic (don't know wth to call this, honestly)

Finally got a title for this, "An Emerging Warrior Spirit: Li Mei, the Ghost of Sun Do"

But as soon as I find some music to put with it, I'll start real work on Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Decision

Music (this is all I could find)-

The treacherous sorcerer Shang Tsung and his right-hand man Reptile both notice Li Mei, and walk towards her. As the two approach Li Mei and the Fei Yen statue, she notices that the orbs of light left visible trails that all lead to the various bodies scattered across the village. She comes to the conclusion that the green orbs of light must be the souls of the villagers, and that Tsung is absorbing them into his very being. The smile on his face also raises her suspicions. Could Shang Tsung have had something to do with slaying the villagers? Could he had even been the one to send the Tarkata to slay the villagers? These questions occupy the troubled mind of Li Mei before she is shown to quickly come to her own conclusion and clench her right fist in anger.

With a scornful look of assurance, Li Mei fixates her eyes on Tsung and Reptile. As they stop directly in front of her, she confronts Tsung about the massacre of the villagers, to which Tsung simply chuckles at. This angers Li Mei, who tells Tsung to give her an answer immediately as her voice trembles in fear and more tears form in her eyes. Tsung continues to laugh for a moment afterwards, and then stops with the same devious smile that rested on his face earlier. He walks up to the disgruntled Li Mei, who slowly maneuvers backwards as he walks towards to her until she accidentally falls backwards and lands on the edge of the statue.

As she slowly lifts her head up to face Tsung, he finally confirms to Li Mei that he personally hired the group of Tarkata to slay not only the villagers, but Li Mei herself as well. He explains to her that this was what he has planned ever since he and the emperor Shao Kahn decided to invite Li Mei's father Jinhai to the Mortal Kombat tournament, and he also praised Jinhai for accepting the invitation, saying it was a wise decision.

When Li Mei asks Tsung why he felt the need to slaughter so many innocent folk, his eyes light up and shine a bright green. First, he tells Li Mei about his absolute need to consume souls to stay alive, which is why he and Reptile teleported to the village so that he could absorb the remaining souls. He then tells her that he is fully aware of the strong bond that Jinhai shared with his daughter and the villagers, so he killed them because he saw his responsibility to his daughter and the village as a distraction. Seeing the strength and potential that the humble weaponssmith possessed, Tsung wants to transform Jinhai into his personal Mortal Kombat champion, a ruthless killer loyal only to Shang Tsung and with no emotional ties to anyone else.

Tsung then goes on to remark however that Li Mei somehow still being alive changes things now. As Tsung strokes his chin hair, thinking about what to do with Li Mei, Reptile is shown turning to face his master and whispering something in his ear. Tsung tells Reptile that he has plans for Li Mei and that we can't simply kill her now. He reasons that he can use her life as a means to ensure Jinhai's loyalty to his new master, and that breaking her spirit is enough as it is.

As he decides that his time in the village is up, he reminds Li Mei that although Li Mei was spared, both her life and her father's life are in Tsung's hands now. Tsung then turns all the way around and stretches his left arm, as a life-sized swirling black portal crackling with electricity develops in front of him. Shang Tsung and Reptile make their way into portal, Tsung in particular turning back towards the still distraught Li Mei, laughing as he disappears into the portal...

As Reptile himself walks into the portal, it starts to shrink and finally fade away completely. The shaken-up Li Mei is still laying on the statue, speechless at everything that Shang Tsung had told her. Raindrops at this point start to fall from the earth and reach the soil, diluting the thick, dark red blood that leaked from the bodies of the villagers, and soaking the clothes of lifeless corpses scattered across the ground. When her eyes start to wander, she sees none other than her father directly in front of her, Jinhai, utterly shocked by the bloodbath that he sees. Jinhai had just arrived to see Tsung and Reptile leave through the portal. Li Mei, picking up on this, stands up and walks to him.

Jinhai is then shown looking at the bodies of his former colleagues, his fellow weaponsmiths that worked just as hard as he did to provide for their families and survive the daily grind of life. Jinhai then faces Li Mei, and the both of them share an embrace. Jinhai hugs his daughter tightly, being grateful that she managed to stay alive. He then starts to speak; barely letting the words escape from his mouth due to his state of shock. Telling her that he rushed from the palace, being suspicious of where Shang Tsung teleported and why he left from their meeting so suddenly, he asks her what happened to the village.

Li Mei finally divulges the entire situation to Jinhai, including the part in particular about Tsung wanting to transform Jinhai into his personal warrior, and how he was going to use Li Mei's life to his advantage. Tears stream down the slightly aged and concerned face of the devastated father as he weeps in silence. Li Mei then asks him what they are going to do now that the village is dead. Jinhai does not respond. Understanding that Jinhai is still grieving, she simply tries to console him and lovingly rub his upper back, in an effort to ease his pain.

A few moments later, as Li Mei is still consoling her father, Jinhai finally speaks once more. He tells Li Mei that he loves her very much, but that he has made some grave mistakes in his lifetime. He tells her that her mother, Fei Yen, would be very disappointed in him, saying that he along with the rest of the village chose to give up their freedoms and hope by allying with their sworn enemies instead of fighting against the oppression. He explains that she was a person with great honor and courage, who would have never compromised her beliefs and would have instead chosen death over siding with the enemy.

He goes on to say that he cannot allow Shang Tsung or any other representative of the empire to take advantage of them anymore, and that they cannot continue living in a place such as Outworld any further. Letting go of Li Mei, he tells her to walk home with him. Li Mei agrees. Although she suspects that he is planning to do something, she doesn't voice her suspicions and just proceeds to head back home with her father.

Li Mei and Jinhai are now outside their house. Li Mei is about to walk inside as her father stops her, telling her that they need to go to the old crop fields behind their house. Li Mei turns back and walks beside him, now arriving at the fields. He then turns to Li Mei, places both of his hands on her shoulders, and lightly kisses her cheek. He tells her that everything is clear to him now.

Jinhai then suddenly picks up Li Mei and tells her to hold as tight as she can, putting her on his back and holding her legs. Li Mei shocked, asks him what he is doing. He tells her that they are going to pay a visit to Master Bo Rai Cho before running full speed into the nearby woods.
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Pretty cool backstory for Li Mei Bruce, Im liking it so far. I too think that this non-dialogue fits with your writing style better. Also a small error I noted was that you mentioned Rice wine at outworld, if I remember rice wine was something exclusive to only Earthrealm as Bo Rai Cho considered it superior to outworld liquor. :p
Haha thanks Flyman that means a lot

About the rice wine part, is that so? I didn't know it was exclusive to Earthrealm, I thought he just said our rice wine was better than Outworld's lol

Finally read the updates and whoa, whoaoooooa!
Metal on the Scorpion grind I see :laugh:

Metal I really like this still, the dialogue isn't there which makes you imagine the conversation and emotion instead of being spoon fed. A really great read my dude
Will Li Mei and her father find the Master Bo Rai Cho?
What lies ahead if they meet the Shaolin Master?
What evils lie ahead for the daughter father duo?

Find out on the next Dragonball Z