All things Tanya! - Official Diskussion Thread

He obviously isn't talking about casual Tanya players. He's talking about the players who only used Tanya because of how good she is. Nothing douchey about it. He plays online a lot more than you do, he has a reason to complain about her.

If he said that, then I'd understand. But instead he remained silent and let you speak for him. :roll:
Jason is the only dlc character on mobile MKX right now lol. They're slow rolling like a motherfukker.

I was thinking that as well. Shinnok ends in 4 days, I was hoping maybe Tanya may come next. The only character there is no version of is Ferra/Torr but I think that could be kinda difficult to implement onto the Mobile game. I just hope they don't give another version of a character there is plenty of. Did we really need another version of Johnny Cage?

I missed out on Mileena's challenge so now I'm saving up Souls and trying my luck on the Challenge Pack and keep getting characters I didn't want :(
Kobo-Jutsu Tanya has been added to the Mobile game. You can see her support cards
Rival: Jade
Ally: Mileena