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  • In COD Ghosts gun game everyone has unlimited sprint so it was super easy to knife people, especially since knifing itself was really good in the game, it was really hard to miss. So running back and forth between spawns like Usain Bolt was really easy and made people so mad.

    Not my fault only reflex mode can save you from my stomach :yumyum:
    Yeah it always seemed like MW2.5, it's why I really wasn't interested in it. The last COD game I owned was Black Ops 2 and it would have been fine if quickscoping was not so easy to do. I hate quickscopers, so annoying.

    Yeah you cannot turn the hand in reflex mode. It turns left and right but still keeps moving straight, it has to be a bug or something.
    I refuse to play MW3, still haven't played it to this very day.

    Rocket punch is awesome for taking out groups of enemies, I love it. Only problem with it is that when you get spotted while using it, you can't turn for some reason. I'm pretty sure it's a bug, it has to be.
    I don't remember much besides the RPD and UMP, it's been so incredibly long. I did enjoy the M4 as well, and the ACR was great too for its non-existent recoil.

    I like rocket-punching myself in the face, don't judge me :mad:
    Snake got that commando perk from Modern Warfare 2, its ridiculous how far you can grab people, especially since they clearly gravitate towards you.

    I got that sprint upgrade, bruh, I'm basically Sonic. So I will indeed capture you.
    I'm sure it'll be unbalanced when the online first releases. Since there are so many gadgets and such, people are gonna find out what trumps all the others, then probably whore those things out until balance changes.

    See you saying you like a plush toy, makes me want to acquire you even more.
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