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  • "You must complete every single campaign mission in the game (1-45, 47-50). After that, you must complete every single Side Op that is denoted by a yellow mark. After all of that, you still aren’t out of the woods yet. Metal Gear Solid V: TPP refuses to relinquish this mission without players devoting all of their time.

    After completing every mission in the game, you must grind and upgrade your Mother Base as much as possible. Continue to pour your hard earned GMP into your Mother Base until Mission 46 is finally unlocked."

    I guess you really don't need to complete Side OP 150 and mission 45 cause I never did.
    Bruh...true ending, mission #46. You'd definitely know what I'm talking about if you completed it, cause it's crazy as all fuah.
    I don't consider it part of the main story since it's technically optional. No way I'm taking off my butterfly emblem, ever :laugh: You need to get the true ending so I can hear your reaction!

    Speaking of thick b!tches, I can finally meet Ivy Doomkitty this year at Comic Con :love: :love: :love:
    The pistol is insane with a good trigger finger. At mid-range it's an awesome option compared to the lancer. Also not sure if you beat MGSV yet, that ending...

    All the hottest celeb women in here, yo, it's the hottest spot :eek:
    Ultimate Edition is basically shotguns only 100% of the time. Lancers are barely used, only sometimes in KOTH when people are inside the cap zone, people will force them out of it with a lancer, then rush it with shotguns.

    Bruh I'm a celebrity, you can't reject my party invite :mad:
    Cluckshots and torque bow were my favorites. My friend always liked playing the snipers-only playlist just cause he was a beast with a sniper. The sniper in Ultimate Edition is so much easier to use, the hitbox on the head is so large, so headshots come real easy, even from not zooming in.

    Bruh there's a party in my tummy and you're invited :eek:
    I honestly can't say I remember playing them often but they were really nice to have around.

    Now you know how I will feel -__-
    I love when they put the cluckshots only game mode. I honestly really liked that they cycled unique game modes with Gears of War 3, I wish they would with ultimate. Playing something like torque-bows only online was very fun and kept things feeling fresh.

    That'll hurt, I can't do that!
    LMAO i forgot all about that.
    I actually forgot how much of an Easter egg hunt that game was lol.
    One of my favorites was the arcade machine and you played as a chick dual wielding sawed off shotguns :laugh:
    it was only for a few seconds but damn it was funny.

    how about i cover you in pork and you find a way to eat yourself :eek:
    I want to just play Cluckshots again :laugh:

    Pork? I like the sound of that. Cover you in pork and BBQ sauce, then eat you :eek:
    Yea cause some total newb asshat can be leader and just fvck it up for everyone immediately lol it's incredibly stupid.

    I'm only having a sandwich if you're between the bread :mad:
    All I play is King of the Hill really. They don't have Guardian, they have Assassination which is dumb because the match ends as soon as a leader is killed.

    See? You're just giving me more proof that you are a dish :p
    I like fast-paced action so I could never deal with those modes. Even TDM is like that now on Gears cause of the limited respawns, everyone plays super cautiously.

    You're featured on the menu right now, meal of the day :eek:
    I always hated Search, lol I never liked game modes where you can't respawn, it's why I don't like Execution in Gears of War either.

    The more you deny it the more it seems true :eek:
    Sticks and Stones was worse in Black Ops 2 because the person in the number 1 spot wasn't highlighted on the map anymore, so if you were in a good lead all you had to do was camp to make sure you don't get tomahawked. A good game mode in COD: Ghosts was cranked, it was such a random concept but damn was it fun since camping literally kills you.

    Chicken hat? So you're basically telling me you taste like chicken?
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