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  • And there is the slight fact the spider actually gets close to well........i'll let your darkest fears figure it out you might end up punching a hole through a steel wall
    Wanted to put a bit of emphasis on her playful side while reminding everyone she can still kick your ass
    So far everything progressin but slowed a bit

    Also tgat bison 30 anv costume im certain capcom was spying on you
    Skye: Insulting slayers, racism anyone who gives her guild shit, and those who don't follow the code of the slayers.
    Wit: Corrupt cops and those that abuse their power.
    Cynder: Insulting Jae's cooking and fvcking with Sarenia
    Comet: The Blood Krakens ESPECIALLY the leader anything to remind him of his "Unfortunate event
    Dizzy: Thanks to a very tragic event in his life holding a blade to his neck is ill advised
    Renna: it is unknown as to why but she will instantly attack anybody who grabs her horns
    Avis: destroying and or shunning history and relics of the past
    Helix: Betrayal
    Stratos: Being called a "root-eater" (derogatory term that means parasite)
    thats all for now
    gonna share some random shit with ya
    quickest ways to piss off the rift trekkers
    Trey: disrespecting heroes who died, fvcking with and or torturing any of his friends, taking his cheesecake
    Kiyomi: Pestering her about her past endangering Akemi in anyway (secretly applies to Trey later on) and oggling her bosom
    Jae: Calling him a "pest" (Derogetory term for hybrids) hurting Cynder in any kind of way)
    Raily: anyone who flirts with Libby god forbid if they try and do anything worse
    Akemi: Being deemed useless and making jokes about her hips or viewing her as "rich brat"
    Jolt: Messing with and or damaging his manga and anime collection, hurting children and rapist (god forbid if you're the latter and specifically prey on kids you wouldn't live long enough to finish this sentence)
    Lalo: Speaking ill off his old order
    Noooowwwww Jack is back

    And Aishi is an outright badass fistfighting a whole army n shit then having the strength left to go toe to toe with the alpha bish
    Feral blues is something im using to bring a sorrowful light to Ferals to remind readers these (most) were once innocent Hybrids

    Plus there is a such thing as pure blood ferals
    Also slayer lore
    The 4
    The 4 (or the Wardens of the Revelation) is one of the most honored posthumous factions comprised of 4 Horse hybrids who modeled themselves after the horsemen of the apocalypse with the abilities to match. What made them famous was their complete eradication of Ferals in Canada which caused the ire of a powerful Alpha Feral known as Atropos who responded with a legion of apex ferals which were effortlessly crushed by The 4 so the Alpha took action and fought the slayers for a month straight before mutual death took them all. The 4 is the only guild that could considered to be feared outright by all Ferals with some even believing that The 4 returned to life as ghosts and are responsible for the massive massacre that led to their sudden and rapid decline
    No this was a long standing issue that didn't really factor in to the disappearances the two supposed rumors where A. The simply fled to the Terras whisch houses fauna too dangerous even for the most powerful slayers or 2 some strange entity is to blame
    Lore time
    Feral Blues as silly as it sounds is a rather depressing condition for ferals that have recently completed their transformation sometimes the unfortunate soul will literally make themselves believe they are not monsters by creating their own reality where they believe they are still normal but if some or something opens their eyes to the true reality it is very fommon for ferals that suffer this to simply lose the will to live
    Well make that two sentences
    1.the 2000's were such a wonderful year

    2. You mean Ashi isn't wearing a skin tight suit!?
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