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  • Nice job man I just finished a story called Hanzo Hasashi I wanna place it as Scorpion's life before his death more of a inside of what he probably was that led to his resurrection and the death of Sub-Zero
    I bought it yesterday, and to be honest, I dont find it as awesome as DW5, they will never match how great that game was :(. They took out FREE MODE, WTF :|??? And I hate how story mode, they make you play with a certain character and the attacks arent based on the character, they are weapon based. Not feeling that at all man :(.

    And Ill check it out, not really a fan fiction type of person since I hate reading, but since its yours, I will check it out!
    I hope theres gonna be some more DLC characters!

    And i use uTorrent to open the torrent files, i get the files from isohunt.com
    I just finished my series I just might leave it as a cliffhanger to figure out what the main character might do
    I have college essay and this fighting with each other
    Of course you can add me bro, gamertag is Th3 RiS3 Of TaJ. Uni has been cool, about to have a lot of work coming up but no big deal. We had a snow day today, but I have wednesdays off so it made no difference to me :p.
    LOL, i love uni way more than high school bro, seriously theres way more freedom when it comes to work and such, and they dont give you unnecessary shit, like they did in high school. Im psyched for the holidays too man, Christmas is gonna be so live lol. The kollector's edition is so worth it, especially for diehard fans like us, we have to have the two retro costumes. LOL, i cant stand tequila bro :p, and i havent tried grand marnier, is that that orange stuff? I like beer and scotch lol.

    And yeah i have xbox live, gamertag is Th3 RiS3 Of TaJ. Are you gonna get yours still with the kollector's edition?
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