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    Anyone looking forward to Diablo 3?

    Cant wait for this game to finally come out, hoping the release date will be early 2012, if not by the end of this year. So I thought Id open this thread for any Diablo fans to discuss what you are most looking forward to in the 3rd iteration of the series, ie. what class you are most looking...
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    Syphonius - God of Water (Fan-made Kharacter)

    Hello fellow kombatants! I’ve been working on this character for some time and I recently finished, trying to make the character's story fit into the tales of MK9 right to the very end where we see the story of Mk4 beginning. However, I was planning to do a few drawings/sketches to show everyone...
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    Piranhasoldier's New Creation!!!

    Hey everyone, if you remember, piranhasoldier is a youtube user who has made quite a few fake Mk9 style fatalites that looked exceptional. Apparently, he is taking part in the making of some new video game called Death Cargo. According to him, its supposed to be extremely violent!!!! Heres just...
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    MK Shaolin Monks 2 Petition

    Hey everyone, I know we havent even had a chance yet to play MK9 yet, but I decided I wanted to start this as soon as possible, and that if we talk more about it and show our appreciation for this, Im sure the developers will start work on it. As Hans Lo said from the MK launch party, us fans...
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    Should Scorpion get an iconic fatality back from MK4?

    This fatality is reminiscent of Liu Kang turning into his dragon form, however this is instead where scorpion turns into a giant of the name that defines him!!! So would you like to see him with his giant scorpion transformation fatality back? Personally, I would love to see it again, its...
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    Kollectors Edition Guide for $40.99??? Is it worth it?

    So Im contemplating on whether I want to get the full Kollectors Edition strategy guide for MK9. However Im contemplating on whther its worth it or not...The fact is, Im getting the Kollectors edition of the game and since it comes with a 110 page artbook, the Kollectors edition guide also comes...
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    What are you most looking forward to in the MK Webseries?

    Being ridiculously stoked for MK9, the release of a 10 episode webseries along with it has gotten me even more hyped!!!! :) What episode are you most looking forward to in the series or what are you really looking forward to be featured in the episodes? Personally, Im really stoked to see the...
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    Where to access MK Rebirth episodes?

    Just wanted to ask that, being a webseries, and since Ive never watched a webseries before, is MK Rebirth gnna have its own site to watch all the episodes or will it be accessed on a different site? Itunes maybe?
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    2nd New Interview with Hector Sanchez from Gameworld

    Heres another one that came out today :) 2 and 1/2 hours of just CGI !?!?! this is awesome!!!!!!
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    Rebuilding Dairou

    Hey everyone, heres a new revamped story I wrote for Dairou :) Sorry it took me soooo long to complete it as I know some of you were expecting it much sooner. I had some personal things I needed to deal with at the time being. If you like this one, I recommend also reading the ones made for...
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    New Interview with Main Fight Choreographer for MK Rebirth

    Check it out :) Edit: Link fixed -
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    Whats your favorite Old-school Kung fu movie?

    Growing up, I watched so many Shaw Brothers films and other classic kung fu films. Its also really what got me into mortal kombat...MK at the time felt like if there is some sort of videogame for a kungfu movie, it would be it. Hands down my top fave kung fu films of all time would deff include...
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    Anyone looking foward to Dynasty Warriors 7?

    Ive been contemplating whether to get this game or not, but my inner dynasty/samurai warrior has given in to the pleasure of mindless hacking and slashing. Anyone else a big fan of the series or planning on picking up a copy of the latest installment?
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    Opinion on the Elder Gods in MK 2011

    The elder gods that were featured in Raiden's story vigenette looked absolutely amazing!!! Im wondering if we will get to learn more about them, as to who they are exactly and see each god's personality and attributes.
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    Ninja Gaiden 3 Teaser Trailer

    CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!