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  • I'm on chapter 3 in the church. I got those stupid raptor-like creatures kicking my ass <.< I have no health and not enough juice to freeze all of them. Pain in the ass!

    I liked the first one! It did get better the further you got, though.
    It's really awesome! I'm a bit stuck on a part with no health, though, lol, but what a great game!
    A lot of MK forums are pretty bad out there.....this one is a much happier, friendlier community. I mean, you get the usual troublemakers that come with every forum but this one has less of the douchebag elitist members, lol.
    I actually really like RE5! I think it is better off as a general adventure game than an RE game but it was better of them to go in a different direction. As much as I love classic RE, they were all generally the same so it was nice to see something different.
    Hey dude! I love the original, it will always have a special place in my heart =) I also love RE2 and RE3.
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