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  • Oh, because I finally learned to not be SURPROISED? Haha. I used to jump clear out of my chair when something new appeared.
    I never want to look BAKK on the days before I knew you, GADGET, or the GLOW.

    (insert BONUS FEATURES reference somewhere)
    Your idea is much better. Oh, and I would be quite sad and lonely without you. I'D NEVER KNOW ABOUT GADGET.
    Potat-GLOW chips. BOOM! Oh, I am so clever.

    I just wanted to drop by and say how great of a friend you are and to say some generic anti-Suck-tor phrases.
    Suck-tor sucks. That's all I got.
    No problem, I always appreciate a fellow human being with amazing taste in music <3
    Well, I beat ladder mode with all the characters yesterday, so I have that trophy. I'm working on the character mastery trophy with Stryker; I'm loving Test your Luck mode though; its kinda addictive lol. Other then that, I'm trying out some new combos; I can't wait for PSN to get back up so I can start playing online though... How about you?
    Thanks :) I used Stryker; I rushed down Goro and Kintaro and somehow only got hit once (by Goro). Then I fought Mileena, which was the hardest by far. Thank goodness for the block button lol. After her, it was Kahn with half of my health bar left. Fed him a good diet of grenades and bullet, and his roll for everytime he threw those arrows. Man it felt good lol.
    alright bro man, i got tour dates for the rest of the year for black ramen hamomlet. it's going down!!
    Thanks! I'll definitely keep ya updated! May the umm... Glow be with you, or however you say it lol.
    Haha, thanks. Sending a message here so we don't go off topic on that thread, if its cool with you. I tried using Stryker, Cage, and Jax but no luck; I already have trouble fighting Mileena so when Kahn comes up(btw, I like how you said Shao Krap lol), I'm usually screwed lol.
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