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    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Hi, this website is now irrelevant to me and I want to delete my account...Would you be so kind to show me how to delete my account?
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    England Riots

    What is opinion on that? Are they right to cause that much trouble? What led to it? What to do to make everyone happy?
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    Mortal Kombat (2011) Novel review

    I was wondering if any of you bought "Mortal Kombat" by Mr. T. R. Lofton . It is available here and here If you have, is it interesting? What story does it cover? Anything new in it?
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    "Family Game" Mortal Kombat 1

    Did anyone play the "Family Game" version of MK1. It had no fatalities but the combos you were able to do where just too good! I remember playing the sh*t out of it when I was younger. The characters were moving fast and you could also pause the game (which was a big problem back then). You were...
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    Capoeira in Mortal Kombat??

    From a technical POV, is capoeira fighting style possible with MK9 engine?
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    MK fansites webmasters reduced to silence…

    This is probably going to get me deleted…Is it only me or do you guys also feel like MK fansites webmasters are not willing to voices fans opinions or to express their own feeling to NRS on decisions made by NRS that are not popular. Are they scared that NRS might not contact them anymore to...
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    Anyone tried to set SD card as default install location for apps before? #ANDROID

    Im trying to follow this procedure right here: But when I type adb devices it says the following: adb server is out of date. killing... *daemon started successfully* List of devices attached...
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    Android help!!

    HI I recently bought the HTC Chacha which is an android powered phone. Im confused as I have more than enought memory but am unable to download update for the apps I currently have or download new ones..I move all apps that can be moved in the SD card but no can do..I googled it a bit and I saw...
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    What's the issue with RUN BUTTON!!!

    I mean what's wrong with NRS for them not to include that "beat'em up breakout" button? It'd have been so handy when you trap an opponent with Cyrax's net and s/he is like on the other side of the screen rather that slow teleporting! Or when you freeze ur opponent with sub zero, what are you...
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    Reprinted MK cards!!

    I just received my reprinted MK cards from Prima Games! Yay! Anyone else got theirs?
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    Little Big Planet

    I saw today that I can download LBP for free as part of Welcome Back pack from Sony. I am willing to try LBP but before I download it BUT I dont know much about it. All I know is that you create other mini games with it. However, I am not the type who would spend hours creating games. Is there...
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    Cyber Sub Zero getting Unmasked MK3 Sub Zero costume?

    Well here are FOUR reasons this should happen: 1. All cyborgs in this game have as alternate costume their human appearances (and about to get MK3 outfit too) while Cyber Sub Zero has none. 2. All of his moves can easily be adapted to a human alternate: -Ice ball: Easy -Ice Bomb: Can be some...
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    Advertisement in Mortal Kombat 9

    As I was playing MK9 on the rooftop, I saw Yhe Hangover 2 on May 21st. I was like wtf!? Do you know where else I can find an advert in the game?
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    New Secrets! "Motaro transformation?" & Cyrax in the desert??

    Hey guys You see on multiplayer mode if u enter 031-130, it display the phrase "Motaro transformation?" What do you guys think it is? I mean this MK covers MK1-3 how come Motaro would not be included, maybe this is some kinda super hint for a super secret to unlock motaro! All other "Random"...
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    Another way to do Babality on Goro in Ladder Mode!!!!!

    Ok this just happened now! Below is what I did. I am playing as Jade. I started the ladder with her (her costume alternate). I didnt lose a match (but lost a couple of rounds). Might have done one flawless victory (not too sure). Before reaching Shang Tsung, I done fatality to all characters...