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  • lol Buckeye for life! and yes i know where you live and are from. Finally this year we whooped you guys in something! lmao :)
    LMAO, I was just looking at the list of who was online and noticed your name didn't have a + next to it and I gasped! Weird, I always thought we were on each other's lists from a while ago....I was so disappointed!
    Thanks I got it back during the strike for $21. I wouldn't shave the whole time the strike was going on. I got pretty beardy. Hope the same thing don't happen to the NFL and they can get a deal done. When the beard gets too long it gets itchy.
    12-01, 16:15] noun0001: I'm writing the next mortal kombat film.
    [12-01, 16:16] noun0001: Ask me about it, okay.
    Hey, man. Haven't seen you in a long time. This is TL from MKInformer/Outworld if you remember me. I'll hit you up with an FR on XBL.
    My friend needs a badass spriter to help make...badass sprites. He's making a flash movie and we want to make fight scenes sort of like the ones in Mk vs. Sf by Proxicide. Think you can lend a hand?
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