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  • Was hoping to see you had a PSN, but instead I saw this:
    "I didn't purchase Sony's Stupid Piece of Shit that Doesn't ****ing Work."

    So awesome to see another Onion News watcher lol
    Hey Gud! Yeah it sucks what happened to MKR, but hey, guess it just wasn't meant to be. It was still a cool idea though.

    Yeah I'll probably be on live alittle more now I've got some free time.
    On the 360, I think I've got you as a friend already from UMK3... heh, logged in and saw the FR so you are now.

    I just have to hook up the w3bz to my xbox again. Just bought a house and I'm hardwiring the whole thing with cat-5 instead of going wireless, hopefully it'll be up and running soon!
    Heya, TL. Seen the avatar around, didn't realize it was you!

    Happy late welcome to TRMK

    I totally agree with you on GoW3. It felt anti-climactic to me though as well. And I'm really looking forward to MK 2011. Looks good so far. The other games you mentioned sound good also, but I don't ave a 360.

    Hey, man! how's it going? I've been here since 2000 originally. Then rejoined in 2004. Whats new? I wouldnt mind coming back to Kami if I was allowed. I know a fair few people had lots of neg karma and it was removed etc. I was ok before i was modded. But also it wasnt all my fault entirely. I was hounded a fair bit. Shit happens right? We all say and do shit we regret etc. But anyways. I'll catch ya later, dude.

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