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    You know, I'd really like Ash Williams to be a guest character in MK11.

    Let's face it; it's been 4 NRS games, going on the fifth, and MK9, MKX, Injustice, and Injustice 2 all had guest characters. MK had Freddy, MKX had Predator, Alien, Leatherface, and Jason, Injustice had Scorpion (He's not DC, he counts), Injustice 2 had Sub-Zero, Raiden, Hellboy, and the...
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    Jason Trailer Jason has armor, as shown when he literally walks through two projectiles.
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    Kotel Kombos

    Just until someone gets a Primer thread going, let's list all of our combos we find here. (Sun God) F1, B2 -> 1, 1 -> EX D F 1 -> D B 2. (Any) F1, B2 -> F1, 2 -> F D B 4 (Pushes the opponent full screen, gives you the damage buff)
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    Krypt Hidden Chests

    Location: Walkway of Souls, -16/20 Time: 6:50-7:00 (Found at 6:58 ) Cost: 55 Item: Sub Zero Brutality: Splitting Image Let's find em all, guys. Cemetary Grounds Location -23/10 Time 2:00-3:00 Cost 540 Item ??? Frost Path -19/ 20 6800 6:00-7:00 ???? Hallowed Ground -5/21 20 Found 6:26 2000g...
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    Anyone else getting MKX on the PC?

    So, I learned today that a local store will be holding a tourney two weeks after MKX comes out, and I need to assert my dominance. Anyone else getting this on PC? Would love some sparing buddies who are more than likely better than I am so as to get me better so I can pwn everyone.
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    So, what are we thinking his playstyle is going to be?

    Given that Erron has two guns, Cassie doesn't have his moves, and he's not in the game, I think Erron is going to be Stryker in this game, at least where his B F 1 is concerned; where you input it, then can hold the button to release and shoot whenever. I think Erron is going to be a Zoner in...
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    No subforums for other characters?

    We have confirmation on Sonya, Johnny, and a few others, but we don't have any forums for those characters yet....
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    Any word on Kabal one way or another?

    Kabal has always been my favorite character, and I would love to see him with three styles and stuff. Hey, if Sub Zero can come back, Kabal certainly should
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    Odds of one of the Beetles making it in?

    Recently I've become a huge fan of Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), and was wondering if you guys think he might be added in at some point. Money is tight, and I haven't been able to pick the game up yet, but I still want to.
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    Don't get your hopes up too much, guys.

    Someone had to make this thread, so I figured it would be me. Remember all those broken promises and just plain falsehoods with MK9? 1) Best reward EVAR for beating Challenge Tower. 2) Xbox would get a guest character, as well. 3) More DLC characters if the first wave sold well. 4) Tons of...
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    Any word on new characters?

    Been under a rock for a while, was wondering if we have heard anything about the next "season" of DLC characters.
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    An open letter to NRS and Boon about Freddy.

    Hello everyone. I am going to be talking a bit about Freddy in this, and how his inclusion is already a dissapointment to me. Not because I hate guest characters OR Freddy in particular, but because I finally realized what is wrong with this game for me, due to talking to a friend of mine who...
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    Guest Characters, who do we want?

    I start this thread because it's no longer a "Will it happen", but more of a "Who will it be?" I add a small poll just with the "top contenders", but I am not a horror movie buff, if anyone else fits, please mention them. Personally, the only one I want to see is Ashley Willaims, because he...
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    An interesting Tweet

    Yeah, color me interested.