An interesting Tweet


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I know, right? Hopefully he'll reveal Mokap, Kobra, and Hsu Hao!

But in all seriousness, I think this is a mistake and he meant that there was more MK then MK9 DLC. I think he was implying the last MKL episode.

Flying Jinko

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already mentioned in 4th character thread, if u read further, the additional stuff they going to reveal is about MK legacy.

Sky Valley

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yeah, because boon is always honest, and never makes up crap just to get nosey interviewers to stop asking questions.


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I'd be all for getting some more MK info at Comicon. The 4th DLC character's identity was enough to intrigue me, but the more the merrier lol.


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Does anyone know when Comicon starts? Looking forward to the revealing of the 4th character :D