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  • I have like no experience in sf2 or sf3, i'm okish at sf4 though. The only SF i'm pretty good at is SFxT but who still plays that? lol
    I can only imagine how disappointed his parents are.
    SHARK is an ok player with a bad connection and just sends hatemail ect, lol. I

    I would love to play you in SF. I have all of the ones released on ps3 I think (all of the sf4s, third strike & HD remix)
    Yeah, I know what you mean. People like SHARK TEETH and ppmoney aren't exactly the people who you really want to fight lol. I usually judt fight people who I see sayuing stuff like ggs in the chatbox and people I know. I also play offline with a friend of mine.
    Ahh man sorry I didn't reply. You posted this on your page so I didn't see it lol. I'll give you pointers next time we play as i'm not too fresh on the specifics and last time we played you were drunk lol.

    If you think my turtling is bad now? Its been much worse :laugh:
    Your a great player, I would say your only fault is turtling, BECAUSE IT WINDS ME UP lol. No seriously cant fault you man, me been able to get a cheap throw on you at the beginning of a match seemed to somehow work in your favour lol

    Thatd not a dig at you btw, a joke, I must point out. I find dry humour doesnt translate well to internet forums.

    Im more happy to take advice from someone ive played than most of the folk on here.

    Too much time on your hands? For the love of god dont get a job at SPASDA. I worked there at your age and was spiraled into a web of depression drugs and alcohol lol. My friends been really ill so they decided not to pay his sick pay, jackass companies.
    Yeah, well we can play any time because of my age I have a shit ton of free time and little to no responsibilities so we can play whenever. I may not be the best player but I do understand the game quite a bit (although i'm quite good at making myself sound more knowledgeable than I actually am) so I can give you some pointers.
    Thanks, really think Jax is your sort of character with his armour and varied playstyle. He's like a good version of Kano lol. But you've got an itchy dash punch finger, I don't really know that matchup.
    Yeah i'll give you an example after I did a b1,1,4 with Ermac you'd always jump. BTW how was my Ermac? I picked him up like 2 weeks ago.
    ggs yesterday man you got into patterns that could be countered was it because you were rusty? Anyway I forgot to tell you that yesterday.
    I'm vaguely interested in SCV.

    I can help you train with SF because i'm gonna pick SF up again.
    Alright mate. With me being a teenager/young adult I have all the free time in the world, so when you come back on its likely that i'll still be on.
    We should play again soon. Maybe not today because i've been playing worse than ever, lol.
    Combos are easier when you have a 'feel' of your character and how their normals work. If you're using like ryu just use simple combos and work on your fundamentals basic combos are xx hadouken ect, once you get a feel for your character try to learn combos.
    Okay, I think I can explain it.

    Basically you input a throw whilst you're crouching and if your opponen tries to throw you you'll tech it if they try to hit you you'll block it and if they don't attack a crouching light kick will come out.
    The answer is no. I was seeing if it worked like a crouch tech in SF, it doesn't unfortunately. I'm not sure if there are any option selects in MK
    I was a bit rusty as I haven't been playing. The last fight with all your throws I was trying to see if you could break a throw whilst you are blocking lol. Your sub is pretty neat, I wasn't playing too well with him lol. Hopefully we can play again soon, it was fun
    Well, i'm not playing too well recently but i'll try to help when we play. I'm quite a good theory fighter but in matches i'm just ok, lol.
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