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    MK11 Settled Dust Verdict: MEDIOCRE / 10

    Combos: limited red tape everywhere / little freedom for individuality / repetitive ("MK11 is NRS's SFV" -anonymous user) unreliable -- everything is Wiisy in practice mode, but, only the most canned strings seem reliable in actual play throwing as a combo ender inexplicable removed Hit...
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    PETITION: Remove all "slot" restrictions from "casual" game modes

    In light of the confirmation (or revelation -- depending on how up-to-date one was on MK11's goings-on) that the game's oft-touted "customisation" will be locked out of MK11's so-called "competitive" modes -- that is, modes [officially] used in e-sports tournaments and in online "ranked" /...
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    Concerns about respective CHARACTER HEIGHTS

    References: Kotal Kahn (*particularly ~9:20 onward / Kotal sans head wear) Vs. Liu Kang / Jade / Kung Lao So, they're touting...
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    Fatal Blow: Too Frequent?

    I've been watching some of the "stress tests", and I counted three(3) Fatal Blows (FB) in a single minute of play, and perhaps an average of one(1) per minute for a 20-minute duration of stream ogling. Now, I know they're only a one-per-match comeback clutch crutch mechanic, and that their...
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    Dumbing-down games for short term gain$, at the expense of depth and longevity

    (~stars at ~13:40) tl;dw -- NRS attempted to freshen-up, deepen and diversify the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11's gameplay, by introducing unique "Amplify" inputs for each of the characters. However, even the mere suggestion of said innovation and evolution of their franchise, elicited a...
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    Instead of copy-pasta'ing these entire post, I'll just link to it ( I've yet to here the question even asked by any of the interviewers of Boon and co. -- let alone, elaborated upon -- as...
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    MORTAL 11 KOMBAT: Don't Screw It Up Edition

    1. ALL UNLOCKABLE CONTENT AFFECTING GAMEPLAY (e.g., "gear", special abilities, costumes) TO BE ACCESSIBLE ON BOTH PLAYER-1 AND PLAYER-2 SIDES IN ALL APPLICABLE LOCAL VERSUS PLAY MODE/S -- see: Injustice 2's conspicuous lack of "load-out" use for player-2 in offline play. 2. A PLAYABLE...
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    'No Damage Scaling' OPTION for ALL fighting games

    Seeing Injustice 2's Bane DDT an opponent from orbit, only to have it deal chip damage -- due to it being suffixed to the end of a short combo -- is soul-destroying. Why cannot fighting games incorporate 'no damage scaling' options as standard? Case in point: Injustice 2 -- a game that...
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    Injustice A Little More [K]omplete Edition (...with DLC!)

    LITERALLY ripping moves and animations from Injustice(1)...
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    60+ combatant character roster...?

    Given Injustice 2 looks to make only minor 'innovations' on the formula established by the first game - attribute-modifying clothing, some small mechanical additions / subtractions - should it not be reasonable to expect that the game contain most, if not all the characters from the prior game...
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    Injustice A Little More [K]omplete Edition (...with DLC!)

    What the heck was that... that... crap! Ed Baboon displayed and dubbed "Injustice 2" -- an expansion for a 3-plus-year-old game?! It's not bad enough Netherregion Stupidos screwed over many of its consumers (esp. PC users) with that woefully broken, high-low spam orgy called 'MKX' (and their...
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    Season-2 announced: Character suggestions

    - Michael Myers (Halloween) - Ash (Evil Dead) - Shang Tsung... - SHAO KAHN!!
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    Mort Kornerbat

    I appreciate every fighting game has its own BnS's, flowchart and patterns of play. But MKX has to be one the most corner centric fighting games I've seen since playing around with Mugen! Watching the various tournaments filter through in the past weeks has revealed the aforementioned claim to...
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    Shao Kahn interactive statue in Krypt -- what is it?

    He's standing there, all imperious, and the A-button prompt appears, but the message reads: "Nothing can be done here at this time". What is this? I think I've unlocked all the Krypt crap, so what is this seemingly interactive Kahn statue about? Could this be where the Shao Kahn DLC character...
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    MKX combo system dissuades big/ger combos

    The damage scaling in this game is such that small combos are far more beneficial than longer, more complicated - relatively speaking, because the combos have been way simplified from the last game - because: A) they take almost as much damage, and B) they are less likely to be broken...