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    Blood hound gang

    does anyone listen to them there one of my favorties
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    new gf

    looks like the viper player got a gf, its funny because she goes to my school and we seen at my buddy's party and we were at a sports bar then my buddy had gone up there for no reason and asked her out for me. :D im happy with all the hugs i get
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    what sports do you do?

    i play soccer (indoor and outdoor) cross country skate board basket ball-in my free time going to do track and thats about it
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    ipod nano

    has anyone seen this its like a inch small holds 1,000 songs its crazy
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    shoe brand

    whats your fav. shoe brand mine is 1 adio 2 DC 3 nike
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    god of war

    great now there making a god of war movie *kicks a cat* i was watching crashing ghporia and a creator of it said "god of war movie" :( :( :( i hope it dont suck
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    unsuccesful morph

    i was thinking what if shang tsung messed up a morph so i made this
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    Queen is coming back with a new lead singer since th old 1 died and so there going new songs soon
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    quick fake

    plz rate quick fake i made in like 6 min.
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    fake:21's rate plz
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    what is the funniest thing you have ever heard

    when my uncle was telling the story wen he pee on a electrical fince, lol its funny just thinking about it
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    watch this!!!! watch this this is really funny!
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    Fake:shot ok so i shorten up the background wight put some more time the fake, plz rate
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    Fake:fight rate
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    fantastic 4

    my buddy said this movie is the bomb!and he said there making ba 2nt :D