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E3 2014 Interview: Mortal Kombat X with Ed Boon

Patrick McCarron - June 12, 2014

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WB Games used E3 2014 to blow the lid off of NetherRealm Studios' Mortal Kombat X, the latest MK game after the critically-acclaimed and commercially successful Mortal Kombat (2011). We were fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to have our own Patrick McCarron sit down with NetherRealm Studios's Creative Director Ed Boon about NetherRealm's return to Kombat during his busy week of press interviews at E3 2014.

TRMK: Thank you for sitting down with us today.

Ed Boon: What outlet are you with again? (laughs)


TRMK: The game is called Mortal Kombat X. What does the X signify, besides a nod to this being the tenth Mortal Kombat game?

Ed Boon: In my head at least, X has about three or four layers. X is the roman numeral for ten, which we're coincidentally on Mortal Kombat 10 which is a cool way to name it. We think of Next as in generational. Next generation consoles, next generation characters. Like Cassie might not be the only descendant in the roster. X is a way to brand it differently, to say it's not just a continuation from Mortal Kombat (2011).

TRMK: What can you tell us about the storyline at this point?

Ed Boon: The timeline for Mortal Kombat itself skews, it does a Back to the Future thing. This story is not just this linear continuation of the story. There is a "When last we left off" part after Mortal Kombat (2011). Then there are periods that are very close those events at five years after. Then ten years, fifteen years and then twenty five years. It covers the span of time, and it's not told linearly where it jumps forward and backwards in time. It's told in a very interesting perspective. To me one of the more interesting parts of it is when you are in the future and you see these characters that you have known aged, maturing and stuff like that.

TRMK: So it's evident that this is not just going to re-tread old story lines like the last game did.

Ed Boon: Right it definitely progresses the story forward.

TRMK: After both MK9 and Injustice had a huge tournament following, are there any new features that you’d like to announce for tournaments and/or pro players?

Ed Boon: You know we've been going to all these tournaments and I've personally seen a few things. Like people accidentally bringing up the pause screen or doing button checks. I definitely want to look into some kind of game flow that is specifically for those purposes. Some mode that addresses that specifically. It is really difficult because when you count the numbers you are really just doing it for a few thousand people. There are another six million who don't see that effort. But it's important to us.

TRMK: The fans really loved NetherRealm’s MKast podcast, are there plans for that to return at sometime?

Ed Boon: Oh! I would be blown away if we didn't do something. It just may not be called MKast. Our new Community Specialist Tyler Lansdown is spearheading some new community efforts. I can guarantee you that the fans will have more access to us than ever before

TRMK: Fans are also asking if Dan Forden is again doing music for the game. I know he’s still with the studio, but they want to know his involvement with the game.

Ed Boon: Yes Dan Forden is still the audio director at a NetherRealm. He's still composing music and always been there.

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